Garcinia Cambagia; India is a fruit grown in some parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. It resembles a pumpkin with its appearance.
In our country, it has just begun to be recognized and used. It is not yet a fruit made in our country.
It is used as food supplements or as tea due to various health benefits.
It is known that this tropical fruit, which scientists are also interested in, contains high antioxidant components.
Hydroxycitric acid is the biggest factor in the fact that the hydroxycitric acid it contains is the focus of interest of the fruit. Hydroxycitric acid is a natural substance known for its help to lose weight. Garcinia Cambogia Benefits? Garcinia Cambagia usually prefer this fruit because of their help to lose weight.
It is thought that the Garsinya Camboda suppresses appetite, accelerates metabolism, prevents fat formation and reduces lubrication around the waist.
In alternative medicine, the fruit is used for the treatment of the following health problems:
heart disease
high cholestorol

What are Garcinia Cambagia damages? Due to lack of research, the side effects that may arise in long -term use of Garcinia Camboga are not known.
Therefore, continuous, continuous and high amount of use is not recommended.
It is known that the Garsinya Camboda may trigger a number of complaints such as stomach pain, nausea and headache due to the use of extra or tea form.
In addition, the liver can exhaust and cause muscle melting may cause this fruit is among the doubts.

How to use Garcinia Cambogia?
Garcinia Cambogia Stream This tea is usually used to accelerate fat burning and provide weight loss about half an hour before meals.
There are also appetizing effects. It is thought that it can help reduce stress -related eating desire.

Garsinya Cambodia Extract is difficult to find the fruit fresh or dried in our country. However, the mixture can be included in “slimming teas”.
This mixture is often not considered as reliable products because the content of the tea is often not known.
Those who want to consume the fruit often prefer the Garsinya Cambodian extract in the pill form.
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