How does the smell of moisture pass? The question may also be tampering with your mind. For a long time, the house that has been closed for a long time, the laundry that has long been wet for a long time, the bottom of the base, the interior of the cabinet without air, the walls, curtains, flooring, carpets… The source of moisture can be wide.
So how can we find a solution to this unwanted and quite unhealthy situation?
Before moving on to solutions, let’s take a look at what the source of this problem could be!
What causes a moisture smell? The source of humid and moldy air is usually high humidity. This problem is common in non -airy rooms such as bathroom and basement.
The source of moisture is varied:
Water leakage in the installation,
Leaks on the roof,
Air conditioning leaks,
Lack of domestic ventilation,
Clothes, carpets, quilts, towels stored as moist or wet can be the source of moisture.
How does the smell of moisture pass? Rutbet and often develops easily in dark, humid environments that accompany it. The key to eliminating the smell of moisture and mold is to provide appropriate air flow and maintain ideal moisture levels.
In order to achieve this, some basic ways should be followed:
It is wise to ventilate the environment from top to bottom, to keep the entire door and windows open for a while.
In order to get rid of the excess moisture accumulated in the environment, moisture devices designed for this purpose can be used.
Support can be obtained from the ventilators – a ceiling fan – to support air circulation.
Support can be obtained from virtuous living room plants to clean the air of the environment. Like Aloe Vera, Rubber, Benjamin …
Support can be obtained from white vinegar for cleaning surfaces.
Natural room sprays can be used for a better quality environment. An even betterist natural room spray can be prepared simply.

How to remove moisture smell in the outfit? The source of the unpleasant smell of unpleasant moisture in clothes is also due to excessive moisture and storage in airless environments.
In order to get rid of this unwanted odor in clothes, these simple tips can be considered:
Make sure they are completely dry before folding the clothes and placing them in place.
If possible, dry them outdoors or in the dryer.
Do not wait for a long time on the machine. When the machine program is completed, quickly cool them to the dryer.
Position your clothing cabinet in a room as airy as possible. If this is not possible, leave the cabinet doors occasionally open and let the cabinet take off.
Do not hide too many clothes on a single shelf in the cupboard.

How to remove moisture smell in the quilt? During the quilts that are closed in the cupboard during a long summer season, moisture problem is common.
The most frequently used and highly effective method to get rid of this smell in the quilt is to ventilate outdoors on a sunny day before starting to use them.
Another method that can be applied for quilts, even seat upholstery, state and pillows is the carbonate method.
Pour carbonate over the items with the smell to get rid of the smell of damp. Leave for a while. Let the carbonate absorb the smell and moisture. Then sweep the carbonate you pour with a vacuum cleaner. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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