Worm manure is an organic fertilizer with a completely natural content that increases seed germination, plant growth and fruit production.
The positive effects of real and quality worm manure have been scientifically proved.
It is not difficult to produce real worm manure. But time and space is needed. If you are going to make the fertilizer yourself in a small area, often the amount obtained will not be too much.
Therefore, it is usually used gradually for plants. It can be used by blending with potted soil and compost soil.
Suitable for use in indoor plants and outdoor plants.
Natural and real worm manure does not smell heavy, light and uncomfortable with a unique smell.
How to make worm manure at home? As mentioned in the head, it is not laborious to make fertilizer with worms. Small worms will do for you.
It is enough to provide them with enough kitchen resources and large containers.
Fruit and vegetable residues, egg shells, bread residues, coffee and tea rits, those who are left from the meals… They are all ideal nutrients for worms.
You don’t have to feed your worms every day. It is sufficient to feed once or twice a week. No, worms don’t make a sound.
If it is every 2 months, it is enough to take the fertilizer and defeat the process.
For fertilizer production, shallow and long thin ones should be preferred instead of deep containers. This is important for ventilation.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of worm manure in the organic structure!
What are the benefits of worm manure? Nourishes the soil and increases its productivity.
It increases the ability of soil to hold nutrients. These nutrients will be provided by plants.
Increases the resistance of plants to challenging weather conditions. Reduces the water needs of the soil. Moisture.
Reduces the risk of plant root diseases.
It provides ventilation of soils with heavy clay structure and improves internal drainage.
It allows the sandy soils to hold better water.
Improves soil structure and quality. It supports many useful bacteria reproduction in soil.

How to use worm manure? You can use the fertilizer by spreading from the surface or by blending it with garden soil.
The worm manure is not usually used alone because it is valuable and highly effective.
Gradually can be given to all kinds of plants.
Worm manure deception is put on the internet on the internet and some assertive and negative headings are thrown. Such titles are usually not related to the quality or effectiveness of fertilizer. The profit production is highly highly emphasized under these headings that the profit rate is very low when the production of worms is done as a profession.
Which plants are worm manure used in? You can safely produce fertilizers with worms or use ready -made fertilizers in your flowers, fruit trees, vegetable seedlings and all other plants. This special and organic fertilizer will improve the yield and quality. https://egepazarindan.com/begonvil-bakimi-kuruyan-begonvil-nasil-Canlandirililir/ You can subscribe to our informalizing articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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