Pickle Pepper with curd cheese is a practical and delicious recipe prepared in a short time.
Lorlu pepper pickle, which is the portent of the migratory kitchens, as a appetizer and accompanied by food and salads; It can be consumed both at breakfast tables. A wide variety of recipes can be followed to prepare pickles. And various types of pepper can be used.
We will be sharing a very practical and delicious one with you! Lor cheese pepper pickle recipe
Ingredients for Pickle Pepper with Oil Lor
1 kg of blind pepper
Slightly less curd cheese than 1 kg – it would be much more delicious if it is a creamy lor.
Chopped greens, such as nane, parsley, dill, coriander-
sea ​​salt
and dust black pepper
1 teaspoon of cushion for must
Less than black pepper in 1 teaspoon
– According to my name- 1 pinch of rosemary, one mustard …
-2 cloves of garlic 4-5 bay leaves-for preventing residence and for aroma-
Abundant olive oil
https://egepazarindan.com/humuslu-salata-tarifi-kolay-ve-lezzetli/ Lor cheese pepper pickle recipe
Wash the peppers and play the inside. If the peppers are too small, you can prepare them by cutting the head.
To break the hardness of the peppers, dip in boiling water for 3 minutes.
After dipping in hot water, make a short shock so that the peppers do not lose their colors: dip the peppers coming out of the hot water into ice water for half a minute.
Lift the shocking peppers aside to dry.
Let’s prepare your fee …
In the meantime, prepare the inner mortar of the peppers in a deep bowl. Blend curd cheese, black pepper, salt and fresh greens on request. Make sure the greens are very finely chopped. You can also pass through the robot.
Mix the inner mortar until it becomes completely homogeneous and then fill your blind peppers with this mortar. Do not leave space when filling.
Let’s jar …
When the peppers were ready, it came to place our peppers in jars. Add the seeds of coriander seeds, grain pepper, according to mystery – grain cumin, rosemary, grain mustard and garlic.
After placing all the ingredients, put the olive oil in the jar to cover all the peppers. To prevent the formation of mold on the pickle, let’s place the bay leaves on top of the jar and close the lid.
When building a peppers with curd cheese, water is not used unlike other pickles. And pickles are rested in the refrigerator, not at room temperature.
They become ready to eat 6-7 days after installing your curd peppers.
How long is pickled pepper with cheese? Pickle’s life is not long. For this reason, it must be consumed quickly after opening and stored in the refrigerator. After the lid is opened, its life will not be longer than 10 days.
It would be good for freshness to install pickles for small ones, not in big jars.
Enjoy your meal.
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