Satavari is one of the most prominent plants of Ayurveda medicine, which is also known as Satavari, Shatawari, Satavar, Satavar, Castle, or Indian asparagus.
This rare, especially the root parts of the climbing plant are valuable. He is a member of the asparagus family.
Latin Name: Asparagus Racemosus
Other names: Majjige Gadde, Sadavare, Satomul, Satamuli, Sinsarbel, Satmooli, Sathavari, Nunggarei, Vari, Pali, Chhotta Kelu, Shakakul, Shaqaqul
Shatavari is one of the adaptogenic foods. This means that roots can help our bodies cope with stress. Stress can be both emotional and physical.
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