What are capers?

Capers; It is a kind of thorny plant that grows in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of our country, which is also known as grebe grass, cat’s nail, crow’s melon, pregnant, kepere, keper, menginik, Indian cucumber. Gebregrass, which grows naturally in nature, is a very valuable food, the value of which has begun to be understood in our country in recent years.

Caper plant (capparis spinosa); It is very rich in phosphorus, iron, protein and lipid, vitamin K, calcium and magnesium.Buy Now![ /button]

What are capers? What are the Benefits of Capers?

Grassroot is an extremely beneficial food for health. Here are some of the known benefits of pregnant herb:

It contains a substance called flavonoid. This substance is a very powerful antioxidant. It helps to remove edema from the body. Minimizes cell damage. It is known to be healing for cancer patients because it increases the platelet count. It has a sexual power-enhancing effect. It is aphrodisiac. It has a slowing effect on liver fat. It is liver and lung friendly. It helps in getting rid of regional lubrication. It prevents the formation of cancer cells and prevents the spread of existing cells. It regulates bowel movements. It relieves constipation. It contributes to weight loss. It is supported by scientific research that it is very good for Multiple Sclerosis MS disease. In regular use, it helps to get rid of the problem of menstrual irregularity in women. It reduces pain.


What are capers? How to Consume Capers?
How to Eat Capers

This delicious pea-sized herb can be consumed in many ways. The most enjoyable and common way to consume chutney is to consume it as a pickle. It is not a plant that is consumed fresh.

How to Use Capers?

Die Pickle:

It can be eaten as an appetizer alongside fish, red meat and white meat.
It can be added to salads.
It can be added to garnishes.
It can be used on pizzas.
It can be added to sauces, especially sauces made with tomatoes.
In places where olive is used, it can be easily preferred over keper.
It can also be consumed as an appetizer by blending it with olive oil and lemon.
You can consume it by brewing it as a tea.

Caper Tea

What are the harms of capers?

Indian cucumber is not a plant that is consumed fresh. For this reason, it is recommended that the pregnant be purchased as processed or exposed to heat before consumption. It can be toxic when consumed raw or unprocessed.

It is recommended to buy and consume keperene as a pickle, jam or dried form against the possibility of caper poisoning.