African plum; It is also known as African tree, African cherry, Prunus Africana or Pygeum. It is often preferred as a product in reproductive problems. These problems include prostate.
This natural and difficult natural plant, which supports sexual functions, is also preferred as a food supplement to support bladder, kidney and urine problems.
What is African plum? It is a green leafy tree with 4 seasons of Africa and South America.
Latin Name: Pygeum Africanum
It is known that it is traditionally used for complaints such as inflammation, prostate, urinary tract and bladder problems, kidney disease, fever, malaria, stomach pains.
The shell parts of the tree contain rich extracts in terms of useful compounds. This part of the plant is often used in reinforcement forms.
Shell part; Depending on the type and age of the tree, it may be red, brown or gray. The shells also have a distinctive odor.

What is Pygeum used for? Plant contains valuable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Reduces free radical damage and oxidative stress. It can reduce infections and pain due to it. It is even thought to potentially help prevent some types of cancer.
There are various studies showing that African plum tree extract helps to improve urine and bladder symptoms associated with prostate inflammation.
What are the possible side effects and damages of the African plum tree extract? In general, it is accepted by experts that most pygeum is safe for adults and has no toxic effect.
However, rarely, people may have side effects such as digestive problems, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain and headache.
In order to avoid possible side effects, the use of pregnant and lactating women is not recommended.
Consult your doctor before using Pygeum reinforcement form.

Where is African plum sold? It is unlikely to find and buy this fruit in our country yet fresh or dried. However, various food supplements imported from abroad can be found in online markets and pharmacies. In the preparation of these herbal supplements, the aromatic body part is often used, not the fruit parts of the plant. nler/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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