Black seed oil and black seed are natural products that must be found in every house. The benefits of black seed and black press oil obtained by cold press method have a lot of benefits for human health.
Black seed; It is a very special seed with anti -inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties!
This spice with black small grain has been the main subject of numerous scientific studies from many different countries. According to scientific data, it is the source of the numerous positive effects of black seed on this health. These substances: Timokinone, Timmohydrogguinon, and Timol.
The benefits of black seed oil let’s take a closer look at the benefits of these small black grains!
It fights diabetes!
Studies have shown that very positive results are obtained in Type 2 diabetes due to the use of regular donut oil. Donut oil has a lowering effect on hunger blood sugar.
Supports liver health!
There are studies showing that black seed oil supports liver functions and protects the liver against possible diseases and damage.
Beautifies the skin! Fights with psoriasis and eczema!
The black seed oil, which helps your skin look healthier, can be used externally or drinking for skin health.
Oil; Sedef slows down eczema and acne formation and prevents the re -emergence of symptoms.
Helps lose weight!
Instead of slimming pills with uncertain content, black seed oil will be one of the most natural aids for those who want to lose weight.
The black seed oil cuts the appetite. It regulates cholesterol with blood sugar and reduces glucose absorption in the intestines. In this way, it manages to help weight loss.
Those who use black seed oil to lose weight usually provide consumption by drinking black seed oil on an empty stomach in the morning. Prevents hair loss!
It is known that black seed oil reduces hair loss, and moreover, it is known to have the effect of hair loss.

4 tablespoons pure olive oil
Mix black seed oil and olive oil. Massage on the scalp is thoroughly fed. The skin is expected to absorb the oil of the skin for 1 hour and then the hair is rinsed.
This application can be repeated several times a week.
For whatever purpose, those who use cold press black seed oil often achieve very positive results. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] you can follow.
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