What does Bakuchiol do?
According to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, Psoralea Coryifolia (Aka, Babchi), a very valuable plant, is a valuable source of Bakuchiol, a valuable compound that has an effective and positive impact on various skin complaints.
This precious antioxidant is found in the seeds and leaf parts of the purple pleasant plant.
Growing in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, P. Corylifolia is also an endemic plant that is extinct.
Bakuchiol: Antitumor,
Anti -inflammatory,
and attracts attention with its antimicrobial properties.
Because of these features, it is a popular product which is widely used in cosmetic and skin health – care sector.
Bakuchiol or Retinol? For many years, vitamin A -derived retinol has been considered the most important component of skin care.
It has been used in the manufacture of a wide variety of cosmetics and health products since its use for acne treatment in the 70s.
Retinol; It helps to improve the pigmentation, texture and tone of the skin by encouraging the regeneration of skin cells and stimulating collagen production.
https://egepazarindan.com/aynisefa-kremi-cilt-lekes-good-mi/, but retinol also has some negative effects known on the skin.
Skin dryness,
Color changes in the skin,
Hyper sensitivity to sunlight,
And swelling is one of these negative effects.
Although many people can benefit from retinol without these negativities, the use of retinol for people with sensitive skin can often bring a troubled process.
At this point, Bakuchiol Retinol is seen as a good alternative in the cosmetics and skin health sector.

What are the benefits of Bakuchiol? The reason why Bakuchiol provides similar advantages to retino is that both compounds manages to work through the same receptors.
Bakuchiol helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. And pigmentation positively supports skin elasticity and firmness.
More specifically Bakuchiol; Accelerates the skin cell cycle. This stimulates collagen production and reduces the symptoms of aging.

Bakuchiol Vegan? Bakuchiol will be the right choice for people looking for skin care products that are not obtained from animals. It is a completely vegan product.
Some retinol forms are obtained from animals. And otherwise it is not considered vegan unless it is mentioned.

Products containing Bakuchiol can be used easily on the skin like medicine retinol. It is usually included in the content of night creams and serum products.
Bakuchiol; It is a product sold in oil form, without a mixture.
It is ideal to use just before moisturizers.
Unlike retinol, it can be used twice a day because it does not irritate or dry the skin.
In general, it is considered safe for all skin types.
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