What does Ichigo Ichie mean?
The meaning of the word can be translated as “an opportunity only right now”, “one -time meeting”. It emphasizes the need to know the value of the moment to live at the moment.
This ancient philosophy is based on Zen Buddhism, which emphasizes the idea of ​​what you should do, what you are going to do, or what you want to do.
This philosophy says; Every time we live together will never be repeated in the same way again. Therefore, moments should be considered as a unique treasure and focus on enjoying at the moment.
Ichigo ichie philosophy helps us to notice the moment we live. He points out that every day we spend in the world and every moment with the people we love is infinitely valuable. It emphasizes that a happier, more satisfying life is possible without feeling worried about the future and the past.
Let’s take a look at the basic principles of Ichigo Ichie Japanese philosophy! Don’t postpone special moments!
Every opportunity offers itself only once. If we don’t embrace that moment, it will disappear forever. I mean, life is either now or never!
Journeys to the past and the future are worrying!
We cannot change what happened in the past and we cannot know what will happen in the future. It will always be the best for us to stay at this moment instead of reaching out to the future or past.
Do something you’ve never done before!
Always be open to new experiences! Deliver yourself to these new moments and allow the beauties to bloom in you!
Strengthen your five senses!
Try to improve your senses, focus on them. Focus more carefully what you hear, see, smell. Developing your senses will also improve your emotions. It will make you more sensitive to the outside world.
Focus on coincidences!
Coincidences are the secret messages sent by the universe to us. Realizing these signs, even noteing them, makes you feel that you touch the magic dust of the universe!
It is necessary to learn how to focus on the main focus and this learning takes time. Meditation helps you learn it. Meditation, relax, slow down and embrace the moment! Get support from natural odors, incense, precious stones.
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Don’t expect days of care for surprises, gifts and celebrations. Please note that you can experience every day with a feeling of celebration with the right perspective.
If you don’t like what exists, produce alternatives!
Do not endure the things you don’t like in your life, stop complaining about it and produce new solutions. Be brave to carry solutions and innovations for your life!
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