Petish soil is a substance used in the production of traditional molasses. This substance; Molasses are added to the mixture to give consistency, density and shine and reduce the acid of the fruit. This soil is also called molasses yeast.
Is molasses made without molasses soil? Yes, of course, molasses can be prepared without adding molasses. It is not often preferred because the construction of soilless molasses is more laborious and takes longer time.
The substance called molasses soil is a type of soil with dense lime content. The Aegean is common in the Mediterranean region and its use is a tradition, especially when preparing molasses in these regions. It is also known as the name of the Ak Toprak.
What can be preferred instead of molasses? You can use baking powder or carbonate instead of soil. These two products, which you can easily find in the markets, will give the same result as the soil.

What is the land usage rate in molasses? How much does molasses yeast join? The soil is added to the entire mixture with approximately 4 5 %. Soil, molasses mixture is added to the grass of the fruit after starting to boil. It is important when the soil will be added to the mixture. This process is called a shortcut.
By adding the soil to the molasses, the turbidity of the mixture will decrease, gaining a bright color and easily filtered.

Is molasses soil harmful? There are studies showing that there is a choleration between the asbestos substance contained in this soil and the mesothelioma disease. It is emphasized by experts that the inhalation of this soil in flour appearance is inconvenient.
Intensive and frequent asbestos breathing can cause lung, laryngeal cancer.
Therefore, during the production of molasses, it is recommended by experts not to breathe the soil directly into the lungs. The mouth and nose must be covered with a mask or diaper.
Research on the damages caused by this substance, which is harmful to inhalation with food, is still insufficient. So does molasses make cancer to the prepared with soil? The answer to the question is not clear. On the other hand, experts emphasize that land use should be avoided in the production of molasses and not to prefer products prepared with white soil against possible damages.
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