Brazilian walnut peak walnut? We often encounter this question. We wanted to share a detailed article with you to remove the question marks in mind. First of all, let’s start our question with a simple answer: No, the Brazilian walnut and the pikan walnut are not the same nuts. The two eaten two different from each other. Brazil walnut is a product that is not grown in our country. Pikan walnut is a product that is grown on the southern coast of our country (for example in Muğla, Antalya provinces) and received high yields. So, every Brazilian walnut you will buy is imported. The situation is different in pican walnuts. 100 %domestic production is available. However, in the Turkish market, pikan walnuts imported from abroad are also sold. When buying a pikan walnut, it is necessary to be careful about this and get information about the product of the product. [Button Link = “ We sell domestic production pikan walnuts as shelled and inner turning. Click here to examine our walnuts that you can consume with internal comfort. Brazilian walnut; Brazil hazelnut is also known as Amazon walnut names. Pikan walnut; It is referred to as Pean walnut, Cyprus walnut and Frankish walnut names. Brazil walnut is imported only in our country as internal walnuts. In other words, it is almost impossible to find shelled Brazilian walnuts in our country. Brazilian walnuts that are separated from the shell, long -term journeys in trucks can be molded when not protected correctly, can contain aflatoxin and damage our health. It is known that medicated applications are also made to prevent these walnuts on international journeys. In these agricultural practices, it is another element that threatens human health. Pean walnut is sold in our country with shells and shells. However, when the pican walnut is separated from the shell, it should be known that he was a nutshell in a very short time. For this reason, it is not recommended to take high amounts of 5 kg, 10 kg. It is important to store in the appropriate conditions without moisture. [Button link = “ To summarize; Brazil walnut is not a pichan walnut. Both of them are quite tasty and useful for human health. However, the geography of our country is not suitable for the production of Brazilian walnuts. Pikan walnuts are grown with high yields in certain regions of our country. [Button Link = “ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about all our products, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our instagram page.