Paradise Palm; Trabzon palm, Frankish apple, Paradise Apple is also known as the names. In addition to the taste of paradise palm, the benefits do not stop counting. The fruit of paradise is the fiber store, it is one of the most important nutrients that increase the milk of nursing mothers. It strengthens metabolism and protects against diseases, especially in winter. It is a very rich food from potassium, manganese, copper and phosphorus. The copper contains in the structure of enzymes that strengthen the defense system and supports the construction of our red blood cells. It runs the intestines. Thanks to the intense fiber in it, especially the fruit of the dry paradise is constipation. In addition, inflammatory intestinal syndrome that may occur in the stomach and intestine. It helps to lose weight. The calories of paradise palm are low compared to other fruits. It keeps full, so there is no harm in adding it to the diet lists. Balances hypertension. Blood pressure patients can easily consume paradise and dried paradise dates. It helps to control hypertension. [Button Link = “ The answer to this question is definitely yes. Dried paradise fruit and fresh paradise fruit have effects that increase the milk of breastfeeding mothers. Paradise Hurmas After what month is given to babies? The ideal time for babies to meet this delicious fruit is recommended as 8th month and later. Dried or fresh paradise palm is not often an allergic nutrient. It is easy to digest and a remedy for constipation of infants with constipation problems. Fresh paradise fruit can be added to puree foods. The fruit of the dry paradise can be passed through the rondo and diluted and fed to babies. Nutritional values ​​of dried Trabzon date: 2 dates; 33 mg vitamin C C Potassium 13 mg Phosphorus 14 mg Calcium 1.25 mg iron. Even those who do not like the freshness of the fruit of paradise in terms of flavor loves. Instead of heavy sherbet desserts, you can safely buy the Paradise Apple, which is a healthy alternative at Our dates dried with a very laborious process are absolutely not floured or sugary. Additional protective, sweetener never contains. As it is collected from the branch, it is dried in its most natural form and delivered to your tables. [Button Link = “ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our price lists and campaigns and follow our instagram page.