Cat mint; It is also a pleasant flavored healing plant, also known as colds or pyal grass. This plant is considered to be suitable for the use of both cats and people.
Cat mint and cat grass is the same thing? Cat mint is also referred to as cat grass. However, another plant that resembles the grass and has positive effects on the digestive systems of cats is known as “cat grass .. This is another species.
It is a plant that often purple, sometimes pink and white flowers during the cat’s season and reminiscent of green leafy garden mint. It is also known as “Catnip ..
How does cat mint affect cats? This plant has a pleasant, modern effect for cats. It contributes to the fact that the cat is in a more positive mood and to be more caring and friendly. It helps to be less affected by the surrounding disturbing effects.
At the same time, this plant, which relaxes the stomach for cats and supports digestion, can cause the opposite effects in excessive consumption.
In addition, the smell of cat grass can help to move away from unwanted fleas and similar organisms on cats.

What are the benefits of cat mint? The biggest benefit of cat mint tea to the health is the calming effect on the body.
It is known that this plant has a relaxing, calming and sleeping effect in humans. The source of this is the substance called nepetalacton contained in the plant.

Cat mint tea is often consumed by brewing together with other relaxing plants. Melisa, lavender, linden, mint and sherbetic herbs are some of these plants.
It is also thought that the plant may have menstrual regulatory, digestion relaxing and coughing effects such as coughing.

Cat mint eaten? For humans, the plant, which is usually brewed as tea, is edible, but should never be overcome. In such a case, it can cause various side effects.
Cats are considered to be completely safe to eat this plant.

When is cat mint seeds planted? How to plan? The seeds should be kept in water 1 day before planted in the soil. This pre -wetting process will help the seeds move and germinate faster.
You can plant the seeds close to the soil surface at 2-3 cm intervals. Do not forget to give life to your seeds after planting.
An ambient temperature of 20- 21 degrees is ideal for seeds. So you can grow at room temperature. It will take between 20 and 40 days for seeds to become fully grown.
You can use scissors for harvest. You can cut the plant as much as you can consume freshly or you can use it after harvesting it. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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