Capari tea offers an ideal option for people who cannot consume cabinet pickles due to high salt content and those with blood pressure complaints.
It is practical and easy to brew cable tea. It is quickly brewed and can be consumed warmly.
Ideal cable tea; It must be in a simple state without a mixture. No additional product should be added to the naturally collected and dried grains. A slightly hardening, dusting and darkening of the dried fruits is completely natural.
In other words, it is only the natural dried cable grains and clean water to brew cable tea.
[Button link = “ How to brew? 1 tea cup of tea for tea 7-8, ie a teaspoon of cable fruit is sufficient.
The grains are put into clean water, tea can be prepared by boiling for 3-4 minutes.
It is recommended to consume tea without sugar after brewing. However, if the taste of tea is painful for you, there is no problem in sweetening your tea with a small amount of honey.
If you are going to add honey, it is good for your tea to have warm-cold consistency. Adding honey while very hot, boiling; It can cause honey to become carcinogenic.
You can also sweeten your tea by brewing dried orange or dried lemon slices, cinnamon and cloves.
What are the benefits of Capari tea? What is good for? The dried cable grains contain all the healing of fresh fruits in the same way:
Helps digestion. Constipation is anti -constipation.
Menstrual regulatory.
It is a strong antioxidant. It has anti -aging effects.
It is supported by various scientific studies that it has positive effects for MS disease.
It has an effect that increases the number of platelets.
It has a sexual desire and sexual strength -enhancing effect.
Supports bone and dental health. It helps to fight bone resorption.
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You can easily obtain cable powder by grinding the cable powder dried cable grains in the home type spices and coffee grinder.
Caper powder is usually prepared and consumed as a paste by mixing with honey. what are the attention!
If you are going to grind the grains, you need to boil for a short time before. Capered grains should never be consumed without being exposed to heat.
It is a wild fruit that can be poisonous when the cable is raw. However, this danger will be eliminated when exposed to heat.
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In the season you can gather from the wild and the most natural and clean -dried captains can be obtained from our website safely.
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