Inflammation is a problem that many people complain about. The source may be to consume more foods that increase inflammation, to maintain a very stressful life or to exercise excessively.
With small changes that you will rain in your routine in the morning, it may be possible to reduce inflammation accumulated in the body or get rid of it completely!
Waking up earlier in the morning routines to reduce inflammation
The changes you will make should not force you and stress you. Because more stress again means more inflammation!
Let’s start with a simple but effective method! Getting up half an hour earlier in the morning is an anti-inflammatory effect for the body. A simple change in your sleep patterns protects you without your relationship!
Of course, to get up earlier, you need to sleep a little earlier!
A glass of lemon water
When you wake up in the morning, a glass of warm lemon water you drink on an empty stomach initiates the body’s own natural detoxification and stimulates the liver.
Not only that, it provides some calcium, magnesium and potassium inlet into the body.
This is a glass of water, when you wake up in the morning, it also helps you get rid of that pain that spreads to the whole body you feel.
A little movement
Even a short yoga set that you will do in the morning, which does not exceed 5 minutes, mobilizes you and provides support to get rid of inflammation.
Thank goodness and affirmation
Starting the day with good emotions, it is probably focusing on positive events that will happen to you during the day. Decrease in stress means directly decreasing inflammation!
A pleasant and healthy breakfast
It is important to make the first meal of the day satisfying and healthy. In this way, it is easier to stay away from unhealthy snacks and intense sugar foods.
These ready -made snacks and foods with major sugar content are foods that increase inflammation in the body.
Even if you feel tired, exhausted and sluggish, even when the day is not over yet, you may suffer from inflation triggered by sugar.

Creating a routine one morning motivates you to follow a certain routine. It is difficult to start to follow a long routine.
Starting with small steps, for example, a glass of warm lemon in the morning can be a small but effective start.
When the small steps slowly come together, a huge success will be waiting for you! Lets!
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