Pelin grass is a kind of plant with a fragrance. It is one of the daisies.
Artemisia is also known for its names. The full name of Latin is Artemisia Absynthium.
It is a species that grows spontaneously in certain regions in Anatolia.
It has a painful and quite sharp aroma. It is difficult to consume and usually should be used in very very low doses. Otherwise it is poisonous.
How to use Pelin grass? Artemisia plant is used in fresh or dry form. The distillation method and oil are also among the extracted plants. The use of tea or tonic is common.
Among the plants that have found its place in traditional medicine, Pelin grass plant can be considered as a place.
It has been used and successful in the past period in the fight against malaria.
The most common areas of use in traditional medicine include anorexia, stomach and intestinal disorders, gallbladder disorders.
Pelin grass is thought to be effective in drying of liver diseases.
Support to digestion is known as a herb.
It is also known that it has an influence of antipyretic and sexual desire.
Strengthens memory, relieves muscle pain. It has a soothing effect. Chamomile, fennel, such as relaxing, refreshing.
Preparing a tonic from pelin grass is a common method to use this tonic externally. It is known that this method is applied to inflamed or swollen areas.
This tonic is also used to make hair grow faster.
There are people who think that there may be a remedy in Pelin grass corona. But no scientific research that supports this idea is not yet available.
What are the benefits of Pelin grass to skin? It supports easy healing of wounds and burns. It prevents traces from staying after burns and reduces the pain, pain and itching felt in the burned area.
Side Effects of Pelin Herbs Pelin grass is never a plant to be used without uncontrolled expert support and approval. It has very serious side effects. The domain of people can expand to brain chemistry.
It should never be used by pregnant or nursing women. Pelinot can cause miscarriage.
In epilepsy patients, it may trigger epilepsy seizures.
It can lead to hearing loss, causing skin rashes. It can trigger kidney diseases.
Pelin grass can also cause hallucination.
This plant, which needs to be avoided excessive and long -term use, is absolutely under the control of an expert and with the approval of expert.

Dried from plant pests with pelin grass! Artemisia plant also provides an effective method of getting rid of pests haunting your garden.
1 pinch of pelinot leaf can be used to get rid of the garden pests by boiling and cooling with 1 teaspoon of bitter chili peppers for five minutes.
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