Bahur is the best alternative to artificial incense and room scents, more common and known as the name of Investment.
What is Bahur what does it do? With the smell of Bahur, you can make your home and workplace smell like mis. Moreover, in doing so, you will not be exposed to chemical odors, you will not trigger possible migraine throwers or asthma.
Bahur has become a reason for preference not only for its smell but also with its spiritual contributions and has gained a solid -based place in Anatolian culture.
Bahurun; He is believed to remove evil and bad energy. Energy cleaning is among the sine qua non.
In traditional Anatolian culture, it is common to burn the incense in order to increase spirituality on Fridays and to commemorate them after our deaths. Bahur burning culture is used to raise energy even in the oldest civilizations, to address the gods, to ensure the integrity of the mind and body. There are also many archaeological findings that support this.
Bahur means very hot. Bahur has a place in Islam. It is believed that this pleasant smell is the smell of heaven. It is widely burned in the tombs. While the votive is dedicated, its use increases especially during feast times on special occasions.

Bahur tree is meant by the Bahur tree or the incense tree. This tree is a very healing, very special and rare tree.

Where does the incense tree grow? The shallow tree is an endemic species and it only grows on the shores around Fethiye-Köyceğiz-Marmaris.
Only the incense is not obtained from this special tree. Fatal oil, folding resin and folding essential oil are also obtained.
Sığla oil is the essence that is milked from the body of the tree. It is quite laborious to obtain, only the milking of certain times of the year is made by experts with special permissions.
It is a suitable oil for external and internal use. In both skin care; Skin rejuvenating, recovery, wrinkle -opener effects; It is also used internally for supporting to get rid of stomach and intestinal diseases.
Reflux, gastritis, ulcer are the most common areas of fitting oil.
The resin or gum of the tree is usually used by burning. It is collected from the outer parts of the body of the tree.
Fatal gum; It is used externally against complaints such as cough, nasal discharge, sputum, sore throat, occupancy in the chest.
It is also common to use of the gum as incense or incense.
Another special product obtained from the fundamental tree is fitting essential oil. This oil is only suitable for external use. It is obtained by distillation method from the resin of the tree.
It is used as skin care oil or massage oil. It is essential to dilute with a base oil such as jojoba oil and coconut oil before using it on the skin.
Daily essential oil is also widely preferred on incense or diffusers. It is fragrant, counting among therapeutic oils. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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