Corn tassel is consumed together with cherry handle or brewing alone.
It can be used during the season fresh or after drying in the shade.
Corn tassel is preferred for a wide range of health benefits. Despite all these benefits, it is an affordable, easy -to -provide and completely natural product.
So what does the corn tassel do?
Balances blood pressure and sugar.
Edema shooter and fat burner.
It has an anti -infection effect.
Cleans the kidneys.
It is often preferred in urinary tract complaints.
It is diuretic.
Reduces cholesterol.
It is very rich in antioxidant. Cleans the body.
Is corn tassels good for prostate? It is also preferred by men for prostate complaints. For prostate, it is generally brewed as tea and consumed up to 1 cup per day.
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What does the corn tassel cherry handle do? Corn tassel is used and consumed together with fresh or dried cherry handle to be used to lose weight, burn fat and edema.
These two natural nutrients can help with constipation complaints.
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What are the damages of cherry stalk and corn tassel? These plants, which do not have any side effects for most people in short -term use, may cause various side effects in long -term, continuous and excessive consumption.
The first of these problems is that it leads to a lack of potassium in the body.
Potassium deficiency can cause various cramps, body pain, dizziness and many other complaints.
Consult your doctor before use to avoid possible side effects!

How many days to drink corn tassel tea? These herbal teas should not be consumed for more than 20 days to avoid all side effects.

How to dried the corn tassel? How to brew? It is effortless to dry tassels. There are only a few small notes.
The first is to dry the corn tassels in a shadow, not under the direct sun.
A second point is to dry the tassels to be dried in a large tray as much as possible without touching each other without touching each other.
When these precautions are taken, tassels will dry in a short time. The best way to store dry corn tassels is to put it in clean cotton cloths or glass jars.

How to brew? Boil 1 cup of water. After closing the bottom of the boiling water, add 1 tutum up to 1 pinch and add 8-10 cherry stalks if you want.
Let it be brewed for 4-5 minutes and strain. Your tea is ready!
Enjoy your meal.

Is corn tassel tea drink on an empty stomach? Tea is usually consumed on an empty stomach shortly before meals to show the edema shooter, body cleanser, toxic shooter effects at the highest level.
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