Gilaburu or Gilaboru – Viburnum opulus – is a healing fruit with small red grains. It is usually consumed as juice. The taste is sour, painful and salty. To get rid of this taste, it is kept in water for a while. The smell is a very dense fruit. Sugar is also added to sweeten.
Where does Gilaboru grow? It grows most in our provinces in Central Anatolia. Especially in Kayseri. It has been gathered and consumed by the local people for many years.
What are the benefits of Gilaburu? Gilaburu is a rich fruit in vitamin C and antioxidant.
The most important reason for the consumption of Gilaburu fruit is support treatment in kidney disorders.
The juice of this fruit, which has a very high effect of reducing kidney stone, is preferred. The comments of those who use gilaburu to lower kidney stones are very positive.
Stopping hair loss very quickly and hair rush is one of the reasons for the preference of the Gilaboru fruit.
It has a muscle relaxant effect.
It is diuretic.
Reduces bad cholesterol.
Reduces menstrual pains, one -to -one for menstrual irregularity.
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Skin care with gilaburu juice is suitable for use as a tonic water. It can be used daily. It has pore firming effect.
Your skin, which you will clean with Gilaburu juice, will be less prone to acne and acne.

Is Gilaburu Frankish grape the same fruit? Yes, another name of the Gilabur is the currant. The name of the fruit known as Frankish grapes is the region’s name.

The outer shells and leaves of the gilaburu leaf and shell gilabur are also beneficial as the fruit. The outer shell and leaves are usually boiled and brewed as tea.

Gilaboru tea preparation
Up to one liter of water, 3 tablespoons of gilabor leaves and shells are placed. Boil over medium heat for 10 minutes. It is rested until it cools for 1-2 hours. Drink up to 2-3 glasses per day. It should be prepared and consumed on a daily basis.
Who should not use gilaburu? Due to its acidic structure, people with stomach discomfort such as ulcers and gastritis are not recommended. Pregnant and nursing women and people with chronic discomfort and people who use continuous medication should surely consult their doctor before using it.
Excessive consumption should be avoided. Diarrhea is in excessive consumption.
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