Does tea replace water? A sufficient amount of healthy fluid consumption is required for your body and most of all to work in the best way.
To regulate body temperature,
To prevent infections,
To maintain the correct function of the organs,
to support brain function
And it has very vital tasks such as helping the joints work correctly.
In addition, our liver and kidneys need water to throw out all toxic substances accumulated in our body out of the body.
What is dehydration? The loss of more water than the amount of water entering the cells in the body causes dehydration to occur.
All minerals contained in the water are very critical for the best operation of the cells and energy production.
It may cause the body to be dehydrated hot air and excessively exposure to heat.
But in fact, dehydration is not only due to these two reasons.
Even simple and basic functions such as breathing, sweating, urination and intestinal movements allow the body to lose water.
Some other factors that may increase water loss further are as follows:
Spending too much time in the air -conditioned environment
Consumption of intense caffeine and intense urination
Alcohol consumption
Various health problems such as high fever, vomiting
Various drugs
Sugar and kidney disease
Doing sports and exercise

Does tea replace water? Are herbal teas replace water? Consuming drinks with caffeine content such as tea and coffee yes allows water to enter the body.
However, this consumption is actually very deceptive. Because the diuretic effect of caffeine -containing beverages such as tea and coffee is quite high.
In other words, with these drinks, the water we take into the body leaves the body in a short period of time.
This means that neither tea nor coffee and even there are caffeine containing caffeine, even if there is no replacement of water.
Does black tea replace water? Black, green or even white tea contains caffeine because it is considered to be among the beverages that cannot replace water.
Does open tea replace water? Can we drink water in tea? The amount of caffeine taken into the body with open tea will decrease, which means a decrease in diuretic effect. However, still or dark tea will never be fully replaced by water.
Contrary to these caffeinated beverages, consuming vegetables and fruits containing intense water will provide extra water to the body. Especially lettuce, celery, cucumber, melon, strawberry, tomatoes, such as vegetables and fruits have high water content.
Coconut juice also provides good water support to the body unless it contains additional sugar or starting preservatives.

Does mineral water replace water? Drinks that meet the need for water yes, which do not contain additional sugar or chemicals, are among the rare beverages that can be consumed instead of water.

Does ayran replace water? Although buttermilk provides water to the body partly, it does not have a beverage feature that replaces water. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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