Heel spur; Standing pain, swelling, fever in the area and standing at advanced levels with small bone protrusion complaints.
Heel spur may not always be visible.
Causes heel spur? It is a very common complaint in society. It may occur as a result of standing excessive strain.
In other words, complaints arise as a result of repeated and not taken into consideration, not after a single movement.
Wearing shoes that do not provide the necessary support to your feet and do not have quality base for a long time may result in a complaint of heel spur.
Excess weight, walking disorders, and frequent wearing flip -flops instead of shoes can also be a trigger of heel thorns.
It is difficult to diagnose the heel thorns. Because sometimes it is not visible. It can be mixed with various foot pain and heel complaints.
Usually full diagnosis can be placed by the specialist physician after the X -ray.

What’s good for your heel thorns? First of all, it is important to get rid of the habit that triggers thorn. We need to be sure that the shoes we wear provide the necessary support to our feet.
Orthopedic shoes, heel pads can be preferred.
It is possible to offer quick solutions to complaints. The first thing that comes to mind is to make ice compresses to the painful area. The ice compress numb the pain in the area and takes the swelling if any.
Heel spur exercises are also very effective in reducing complaints, especially when they are done just before bedtime.
Relaxation, not standing too much is one of the most important points in getting rid of this situation. Relaxing your feet sufficiently helps not only get rid of complaints but also to get rid of the disease completely.

Various herbal cures are also applied to get rid of this complaint.
Some of these cures and plants:
Painful chili peppers and dry black grapes or dry black plums are beaten in a mortar and crushed and wrapped on the feet with stress film. Wait all night.
Tomato or onion slices and wrap with stress film is also known to be applied.
An old method is removed from the interior of dry figs and mixed with henna.
Massage with rosemary oil is another method. In order to prepare rosemary oil, rosemary in a small bottle can be brought together with olive oil and kept for a week.
Water and carbonate are mixed for heel spurs carbonate application. Carbonate, which comes to the consistency of paste, is applied by massaging the feet.
In the advanced stages of the disease, needle application or heel spur surgery can be seen by specialist physicians in accordance with the patient.
Does heel spur pass by spontaneously? Yes, it is possible to get rid of this disease without the need for surgery thanks to the necessary arrangements, small exercises and supports to be made with the first complaints. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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