Fatal oil from Muğla
Sığla oil is milked from endemic fundamental trees grown in the surrounding districts and villages, especially in Köyceğiz. This oil is specific to Muğla.
Latin name: Liquidambar Orientalis Köyceğiz Fatal Oil is the most intense area of ​​the beaches. It is possible to encounter large fitting forests extending for miles in Köyceğiz.
These valuable trees will come across in gardens and parks.
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Anadolu Sığidambar Orientalis Fatal Oil can be considered as the essence of fitting trees.
Unlike the gum of the tree (resin), it is obtained from the inside of the tree, not from the outer surface.
This process is a very laborious and mastership process.
Sığla trees are specific to a certain region. And it is not common. Species are under protection. Special permissions must be obtained before the milking of the trees.
The milking of the shallow tree cannot be made at any time of the year. The right time is detected by experts and the process is started.
The milking process is not completed in a single day. It takes time.

How to use fitting oil? Settle tree oil Now buy fitting oil is pure. It can be consumed alone or with support products such as honey, chickpea powder.
External and internal use of oil is in question.
It can be used together with coconut oil or wax to facilitate the use of skin applications.
There is no harm in applying it to your skin simple. This oil is not interactive with the sun. Suitable for day or night use.
However, while applying to the skin, the application should be applied as a thin layer with a much less amount used in standard creams.
The nature of the fitting is a very intense consistency product due to its nature.
In internal use, use up to 1 teaspoon of daily basis. It should be avoided from overdoing.
How to Make Fatal Oil at Home? Fatal oil is not a product that can be made at home. This substance, which is the essence of the tree, can only be obtained from the tree.
However, if you have quality pure fitting oil, it may be possible to evaluate it in different ways.
It is possible to make pure wax and various essential oils and make fitting oil cream or fitting oil soap.
These products will only be suitable for external use.

How to Make Faculty Oil Cream At Home? I can prepare cream by mixing the pure pure fitting oil with pure glycerin -free honey wax with the mari -style melted.
Volatile oils with antibacterial properties to soothe the skin or prevent acne formation can be added to the cream.
Mint oil, lavender oil, nioli oil will be ideal for the production of fold cream.

How does fitting smell? The smell of fitting oil is a dense substance and the smell of daily oil. It can be disturbing for some people. This smell never indicates that the oil is broken. It is the unique smell of completely natural and original fit.
There are also those who like the smell of oil to glue. If this intense smell disturbs you, it will help mix with honey while consuming.
The honey used should be raw and high quality honey. This will support the benefit you will get from the shallow.
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Is Sığla Oil Oil? Is it transparent? Is it sticky? Fatal oil is not a transparent oil. It is unique in a unique color.
It is not an essential oil. It is among the fixed oils.
Semi -fluid. The fluid is quite variable compared to the ambient temperature.
The temperature also has a certain effect on the color of the oil. The color of the shallow in the hot air may be more yellow.
Oil is adhesive.

Counseling Oil from Muğla: Sweetla daily oil shallow trees are also known as daily trees in the region or as a white tree tree. For this reason, the cattle oil is also referred to as daily oil.

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