Red clover or red clover grows in the spring and summer months in gardens and fields.
It is quite common. Like most wild grass, red clover also has various benefits on health.
Especially the red pink head parts of the plant are collected and dried. Dried flowers are usually consumed by brewing tea.
The area of ​​use in traditional medicine is a very wide plant:
Skin problems such as mother -of -pearl and eczema
Respiratory complaints
Menopausal symptoms are the first to mind from the usage areas of red clover.
How to use red clover? The plant can be used in various forms. Which method will be the best for you, of course, will vary according to your intended use.

How to make Red Yonca Tea? How to consume red clover? For complaints due to cough, flu and menopause, the plant is often brewed and consumed as tea.
This tea is also thought to have fertility in women.
2 pinch of fresh or dried clover can be prepared easily by adding 1 cup of hot water. It is enough to wait 4-5 minutes to infuse.
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Tincture can be prepared if a more effective content is desired compared to tea.
Tincture is often used for supporting heart health and menopause complaints.

Red alfalfa porridge can be prepared by preparing porridge with plant for skin applications.
Especially for skin redness, irritations, psoriasis and eczema, this porridge is frequently included in traditional medicine.

The red clover pill is sold in capsule form and as a food supplement. These capsules are often used as a practical alternative to red clover tincture with intensive content.
If the taste of the tincture is very uncomfortable, these capsules can be preferred.

Red clover psoriasis can be used externally for skin disorders such as clover and psoriasis. In addition, consumption, such as tea, can have a positive effect on psoriasis.
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What are the side effects?
The plant is among the accepted plants. It has no serious side effects. However, you should consult a specialist before use.
Who can’t use it?
The use of pregnant women is not recommended due to phytoestrogens.
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