Let’s talk about plants that have a fly repellent feature!
You can also plant these plants to your garden and balcony. In this way, you can keep flies away from your home, and you can use these fragrant plants to your meals or drinks or use them in your home for decorative purposes.
It is known that plants of different families such as cedar tree, basil, lavender, eucalyptus, mint have a remote effect against flies and even transitional insects.
Mosquito repellent looking for natural solutions, let’s take a closer look at a few of the bride!
Fly repellent plants that grow easy, do not want much care
In order not to come to the balcony! Fly repellent plants: Basil is one of the most commonly used plants against basil flies and other pests. Unlike humans, flies do not like this smell of fragrant basil!
Basil; He likes the sun, moisture and water. Although pruning from time to time will contribute to its development, basil is an effortless, effortless plant.

Lantana flowers (tree enamel) collecting colorful flowers around the randoma butterflies, an annual plant, but manages to keep flies away.
This beautiful flower that loves the sun and water does not require any extra maintenance except the need for fertilization from time to time.

Another wonderful option to keep the fragrant mint flys that you can use in your mint kitchen is another great option.
Mint grows unintentionally and spreads fast. He likes the water and the sun.

Lavender lavender plant has a relaxing effect on humans. However, it is as disturbing for mosquitoes.
Lavender is a plant species that expels a fly that requires some more care compared to other options.
Lavender loves the sun, needs well -drained sandy soil. It is good for its dementia when it blooms.

Fly repellent plants: Lemon grass (Citronella) lemon grass is an effective species in cope with flies. Easy to grow and long life.
Lemon grass likes the water and plenty of sun like other flies.
These plants will keep flies away from you as long as you are in the balcony or in the garden.
But the domain of these special plants is limited. Therefore, for a higher level of protection, fats can be preferred against flies by drinking the essence of these plants.
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