Şevketi Bostan; White girl is a delicious herb that grows spontaneously in nature in the Aegean region which is also known as gum grass, Kenger and gum grass. The taste and smell reminds the anise.
This herb is known not only with its flavor but also with its numerous positive effects on health.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kenger-sakizi-5-eta/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Kenger gum [/button] What are the benefits of gum? It is good for indigestion.
It is breathless.
It helps to get rid of complaints such as excessive sweating and fever due to menopause.
He is a liver and kidney friendly.

What is the other name of Şevketi Bostan? [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kenger-sakizi-5-cedi/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Kenger gum [/button] has a wide range of names of the plant. Akkız, Bostanott, Kenger, Gummy, Sevket grass, milk spur are some of them.
Bostan grass, which is a close relative with camel spur, is very similar to the camel thorns as an image. But these two herbs are separated from each other with small details. Camel spur usually blooms purple colored flowers, while Sevket grass has yellow flowers.

Şevketi Bostan dinner recipe season is freshly collected in the season is very good for lamb meat.
If you have materials, it is also practical to make.
The most laborious part of the recipe is the cleaning phase of the guts. Exactly these reasons are usually sold in the markets, cleaned. If you take your grass cleaned, you will overcome this challenging stage.
Let’s come to tariff; Let’s start by roasting our 250 g piece of lamb meat in olive oil. The amount of meat can be increased or reduced according to your taste.
When the meat starts to pull the juice, let’s add 1 small onion and 3-4 cloves of garlic to the pot.
When the onions are roasted in half, let’s add half a kg of bostan grass that we have chopped and chopped. Add a little water, salt, pepper.
Let’s turn the stove a little and close our pot.
Let’s check the water from time to time and mix. When the meat is fully softened, let’s close the stove. Ready for the lamb meat with meat! Enjoy your meal!

Is Şevketi Bostan grass effective for rheumatism? [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kenger-sakizi-5-eta/” color = “red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Kenger gum [/button] Bostan grass is common by the local people against rheumatism and joint pain It is used in the form and is thought to reduce pain.
For this purpose, the herbs are usually boiled and consumed together with yogurt.

Şevket Bostan appetizers Şevket herbs are extracted and cooked in oil and served as appetizers in the Aegean kitchens.

How to gather from Şevketibost? It is very laborious to collect grass because the plant is prickly. You must be collected with gloves. The plant leaves are brought together and drawn together with the root. The cleaning of the plant is also very laborious.

When will Şevketi come out of the bost? When to plan? It takes its place in the stalls for the first time in November December. It can be collected from nature until the spring.
Wait in mid -summer for October. After the 15th of June, Sevket Seed Seed can be cultivated until mid -August.

There is not enough information and research on the consumption of Şevket grass during pregnancy during pregnancy.
This valuable natural gum is also obtained from the root parts of the plant (Kenger) plant. It is preferred for various benefits on health. It has a positive effect on oral and dental health. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kenger-sakizi-5-eta/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe to our bulletin to be and follow our instagram page.
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