Hayıt grass; It grows spontaneously in nature and starts to open its flowers as of June. Hayıtlar with purple colored flowers appeal to the eye. The beauties of Hayıt grass, which appeals to the sense of odor with its pleasant, light smell, are not limited to these.
Due to its positive effects on fertility and supportive characteristics in gynecology, let us examine the hayıtı more closely known by women by Anatolian societies for hundreds of years!
This plant, also known as hayıt seed or clergy pepper, is also suitable for use and its roots, especially the seeds and roots.
It is also common to prepare soap, ointment, cream, perfume or tincture with Hayıt, which finds its place in cosmetics with its skin rejuvenating properties.
There are also special Anatolian recipes where the house is used. These ancient recipes are very valuable. Let’s share one with you:
Hayit seeds are crushed well. Seeds are mixed with flour and less water, brought to the consistency of the dough. When this dough has complaints such as gas pain, abdominal pain and bloating, it is wrapped in the abdominal area of ​​both children and grows at night without bedtime. In the morning, it is more vigorous.
Now buy what day of hayit seeds used? It can be used 2-3 days before menstruation. How to use hayıt seed to get pregnant? Hayıt seeds that increase the likelihood of pregnant women are generally used by women who want baby in the form of various cures.
It is prepared by mixing the most common cure hayit seeds with quality raw honey after grinding.
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