My face is exfoliated, especially in winter and people with dry skin type is quite common.
“My skin is oily but exfoliation”
Redness and exfoliation on the face can also be seen in oily skin types from time to time.
The skin complaint of exfoliation and itching on the skin can sometimes be seen together.
Causes Percent Peduition? The problem of exfoliating skin is usually due to the fact that water consumption is not sufficient.
Vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin A is not sufficient in the body, may cause a problem of dandruff.
Smoking may have an effect on increasing the amount of flaking.
As we mentioned at the beginning, the problem of dry skin type is more common. In the skin edges, jaws and foreheads, even the eyebrow bottoms in the skin, which are not supported and non -supported from the outside and from the inside, increases.
So what’s good for skin exfoliation? How does the dryness and redness on the face pass?
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