Access Bars is an alternative method that aims simultaneously a physical and mental and mental healing.
Basically, soft touches are applied to 32 different basic points in the head area.
These 32 bar points correspond to different concepts. Creativity, sexuality, money, control, body, power … There is a different point for each concept.
What are the benefits of Access Bars? Usually non -passing fatigue
Free Flow of Thinking
Difficulty in falling asleep
Excessive tension, inability to relax
Suffering from psychosomatic pain
Feeling of anger and anger for no reason
Feeling of burnout for no reason
Sudden mood fluctuations
It is a preferred method in cases such as not being able to feel a sense of happiness.

How to apply Access bars? How does it make the person feel? Simple touches are made by an practitioner to 32 bar. The main purpose of these touches is to ensure the release of these areas that are negatively spread. Sessions usually last less than 2 hours.
The comments of those who make Access Bars are often positive. It is a relaxing and relaxation experience. It may be more intense that some of the 32 bar points where the study was carried out. It varies according to his experience, which is the point of this point.
There may be people who fall asleep during the session or cry intensely.

Access Consciousness Access Bars is seen as part of the access process to consciousness. The bars are seen as the first step of the transportation process to consciousness.
Access Consciousness is a method that progresses with the person asking questions.

Access Bars Magic Questions are advised within this system that the person asks him questions and does not worry about looking for answers. The important thing is not the answers, but the questions itself.
Questions should be constructive, the person should be oriented and positively for the universe.
Who am the truth?
Which unique experiences await me today?
How can I discover the truth?
What is possible for me to explore myself? A wide range of questions can be directed to ourselves and to the universe during the day.

Is Access Bars Applied by itself? Some practitioners receiving Access Bars training make themselves themselves. It is not known whether the applications made in such a way are efficient. But this is theoretically possible.
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