Elemia oil; It is obtained from the elimination tree (battery tree), a remote relative of daily and murmur oil. Although it is not as popular as daily and mural, elimination oil is one of the valuable, fragrant resin volatile oils.
This resin -based oil is obtained by vapor distillation. It is common in the Philippines.
Latin name: Canarium Luzonicum
How is the scent of siege oil? It has a very prominent aroma. Pine, spices, citrus and lemon notes stand out in this essential oil. The odor can be defined as woody.
What is the other name of Eleni? Elemi is also called battery oil. The battery oil is the local name of this special oil and the tree in which this oil is obtained in the Philippines.
What are the benefits of elimination oil?
This essential oil; The skin has a detoxification effect.
Eliminated oil can accelerate circulation and prevent acne and color deterioration.
Elemi; It also functions as a tonic.
It helps to remove premature aging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It revitalizes the skin.
It also has use to reduce scars and acne marks.
How to use for skin care? Application of the oil to the face and body without diluting may trigger the allergic reaction. Therefore, it is recommended to be diluted.

How to use it for the face? Drop 1 or 2 drops of volatile oil to a face care cream or lotion that can be used daily.
You can apply your mixture to your excessive skin. It is not recommended to increase the amount of essential oil further. And more volatile oil used will not benefit the skin more.
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How to use it for the body? In body applications, the amount of essential oil may be slightly more. However, it is not appropriate to apply directly to the body.
Essential oil for the body can be added to a body lotion or carrier oil – such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil.
The ideal proportion in body applications is as follows:
For 5 ml lotion or carrier oil, 4 -5 drops of elen Eleni essential oil should be used.

Elemi Oil & Aromatherapy This valuable resin oil is a suitable oil during meditation applications and energy studies.
Ideal for meditation, woody has fresh and mystical sheep.
It is ideal for reducing stress and using it in meditative studies aimed at bringing together the mind, body and spirit.
For this purpose, Elemi; It can be used in the nebulizer, incense or bathrooms.

Which oils are compatible with the elimination oil? It is compatible with citrus oils such as lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and daily oil, lavender oil and murmur oil.
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