Cinnamon oil is a fragrant aromatic oil like cinnamon itself.
Let’s examine the cinnamon oil that will make you feel good with its very warm and familiar smell!
Just like cinnamon, essential oil obtained from cinnamon is used in very very small amounts.
Otherwise, the oil may be irritating both the skin and the lungs.
Cinnamon essential oil can be obtained from the leaves or shells of the cinnamon plant. These two types of oil have slightly different properties.
The most basic difference is that the oil obtained from the leaves of the plant is less irritating.
The oil obtained from the shell causes burning -like irritations in excessive use. Therefore, it requires even higher sensitivity in dosing.
The best method of avoiding irritation and enjoying this special oil is to use it together with other valuable essential oils.
Cinnamon oil; Tea tree oil, orange oil, lavender oil, patchouli oil and geranium oil, such as skin soothing feature is a good idea to mix with essential oils.
[Button link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Cinnamon oil burn the skin? It will probably create sensitivity and cause complaints if it is applied directly to the skin or smells for long -term directly.
When it is used without watching and balanced with a base oil, it is very likely to feel burning, stinging, itching on your skin; It will cause redness.
Cinnamon oil is heated oil. Due to this feature, 1 drop of massage oil mixture – not much! – Dripping cinnamon oil is a good idea.
It is also very effective on muscle pain.
Natural oils that make lip plot
Does cinnamon oil make lip plump? It is a fact that oil has a plumping effect on the lips. However, the oil should not be applied to the face or lips without being diluted, absolutely absolutely, but absolutely directly.
Intensive acne, crusting and herpes complaints are common in direct applications.
If the ongoing herpes complaint, wound or sensitivity for a reason, cinnamon oil should not be applied.
[Button Link = “ Shea oil, coconut oil, bitter almond oil or 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil into the vaseline is sufficient.
The mixture is applied to the lips occasionally like a lip balm and natural and significant fullness is observed in the lips in a short time.

Cinnamon and mint oil lip plumping have plump recipes where these two essential oils are used together. However, as the reaction may be much more than desired, recipes are together with cinnamon and mint oil.

Cinnamon oil lip plumping is permanent? The plumping effect of the oil is not permanent or long -term.
After the application is made, the fullness will decrease after a period of 3 to 6 hours and the lips will return to its old appearance.
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