How to clean the wooden cutting board? Cutting boards are prepared with raw materials such as wood, plastic or bamboo. Wood and bamboo are the most preferred.
The cutting boards prepared with these materials are durable and healthy. They don’t blind the knives. And if regular cleaning is done, the last terrace is healthy preferences.
People who do not prefer wood and bamboo are usually the most tampering with their heads. It is believed that it will be difficult to clean them.
However, it is not really difficult to clean them.
How to clean the wooden cutting board? First of all, the boards prepared with bamboo and wood materials that need to be finalized cannot be thrown into the machine.
Cleaning of the boards must be done by hand.
It is wise to take advantage of completely natural cleaners while cleaning the boards. Cleaning with natural materials every few weeks is sufficient. Apart from that, simple cleaning is done with warm water.

Sprinkle with rock salt to the surface of the board for this method. Squeeze half a lemon juice on the salt. Let the board absorb salt and lemon for a while.
Then clean the board with a lemon peel.
Finally, rinse the board with warm water.
Leave it upright or dry with a clean cloth. Lubricate with olive oil.
Oil will ensure that it is longer lasting to care for your board.
Note: Carbonate can also be preferred instead of salt or salt carbonate can be used together.
How to clean wood with vinegar and carbonate? The mixture of vinegar and carbonate is perfect for challenging stains in your throne.
The best for this is white vinegar. However, apple cider vinegar or grape vinegar can also be used on request.
Mix 1 measure of white vinegar with 4 measures of water. Pour the mixture over your whole board.
In vinegar mixture, wait for 5 minutes and brush the stains with a kitchen brush. And rinse with warm water.
Leave your board upright or rinse with a clean cloth.

How to Clean the Black Cutting Board? Vinegar and carbonate duo for black stains give quite good results.
Sprinkle the carbonate to the entire wooden surface and pour the vinegar on it. Keep it for 3-4 minutes and brush the stains with a brush.
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