Paleo diet; It advises you to stay away from artificial sugar, packaged products, milk and dairy products, cereals.
These products emphasize that you give weight to animal proteins and fresh foods.
The foundation of this idea is based on our ancestors 10000 years ago. Even the Paleo diet is a diet, also known as the stone age diet.
In other words, our hunter and gatherer ancestors imitated in the Paleo diet!
When applying this diet, if you want to have a snack without breaking your diet, take a look at these recipes!
Delicious and easy paleo snacks artichoke humus
Humus is a unique appetizer and snack. However, Paleo is not suitable for diet due to the chickpeas it contains. If you replace the chickpea in the recipe with the artichoke, appetizer becomes suitable for your diet.
You can also choose pumpkin instead of artichokes.
Do not forget to sweeten the artichoke humus with plenty of garlic and lemon!
Carrot fries
Paleo Paleo is among those who are not suitable for diet. But the carrot does not break your diet. Then why not fry him!
Adapt your own special potato fries recipe to the carus without changing it!
Paleo diet snacks cabbage chips
Potatoes, corn or dough chips are definitely outside the paleon. But cabbage is definitely not.
Although the cabbage chips does not replace what we count exactly, it is worth trying as a different alternative! Nutrition and satisfaction is very high!
Paleo Recipes Pumpkin Roll
Slice the pumpkins finely and roll with toothpicks. Grate a little cheese on it if you wish, it will be much more delicious than you guessed!
Tortilla Cips
The traditional Tortilla recipe is of course in the list of bans in the stone age diet. But if we prepare chips without using white flour or corn flour?
That’s when things change. Tortilla Cips that you will prepare by blending flax seed flour and almond flour is completely suitable for the diet!
Fountain of mushrooms
Fill with a little cheese, with minced meat or mushroom stems, the stuffing mushrooms is a delicious snack alternative to your diet.
Cauliflower fries
Cauliflower is suitable for your diet in any case. Whether you find it in the egg and fry it or fry with plenty of spices.
You won’t believe it, but paleo diet kebabs are not on the list of prohibitions! Without adding additional flour, you will prepare at home and add flavor and pleasure to your diet that you will quickly cook in the oven or grill!
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