SPEAKING PLITY; Göven, coyote plum, pig plum, mountain plum, wild plum, bird plum… is a kind of fruit known by various names.
Latin name: Prunus Spinosa Small Grained, Dark -colored fruit is mentioned with a wide variety of health benefits.
In addition to the fruit parts of the plant, white flowers that open during the season are also collected for healing purposes and used in the production of drugs.
It is known to be preferred for colds, cough, stomach complaints, kidney complaints, constipation and high sugar.
Various studies have shown that mutual plum may also be protective against various types of cancer.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/UGUVEM-erigi-cakal-erigi-blackthorn/ Fruits can be consumed fresh as well as fresh. In addition, it is dried and made available throughout the year.
Jackal plums can be flavored by processing. With grains, jam, marmalade, syrup and even vinegar can be made.
Tea can be prepared by brewing flowers and fruits.
Fresh fruits can be used in cakes and tarts.
How to make coyote plum tea? [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/UGUVEM-erigi-cakal-erigi-blackthorn/” Newwindow = “Yes”] can be used.
If tea is to be prepared with flowers, 2 pinch of flowers are enough. When brewing flowers, water should not reach the boiling point. And certainly these flowers should not be boiled on the stove!
In order to brew 2 pinch of flowers thrown into hot water, just let it wait for 3-4 minutes.

One way to consume the fruits of the powerful plum of power is to dry them throughout the year. Plums can be dried with core or seedless.
The washed fruits are laid in a semi -shade place not to touch each other too much and a thin cheesecloth is laid on them.
If seedless drying is to be made, the fruits before drying should be divided into two and the nuclei in the middle should be gently removed.

When is my gauze gathering? The coyote plum is generally collected in the autumn season. Full time may vary depending on the area where the harvest will be performed. In general, the ideal time is accepted towards the end of September.

SPORT PLICE DIEW DIEW DISEASE This fruit is thought to help balance sugar. For this purpose, fruits are often brewed as tea or vinegar.
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Is it possible to have a wildberry plum? No, these two species are completely different. They have no kinship.
Jackal plum is also mixed with the Aronian fruit frequently, but these two species are completely different.
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