For breastfeeding mothers, fennel tea increases breast milk. Preparing tea is practical. The benefits are numerous as long as it is not excessive.
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1 cup of drinking water
It can be used as much as 1 or 3 teaspoons of fennel. If the amount increases, the aroma of the tea becomes higher. But more than 3 teaspoons will be excessive.
Boil the water and fennel seeds for 10 minutes and drain and consume warmly.
Crush or grinding just before brewing grains is the effectiveness and aroma.
Mother’s tea, which is ready, includes fennel as well as other plants. You can add other plants to tea according to your taste and needs at home.
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Herbal teas that increase breast milk fenugreek grass
dead nettle
The continental seed is often used with fennel.

How long should fennel tea be drunk while breastfeeding? The brewed tea can be consumed daily as 2 tea cups. Drinking before meals balances appetite.

Does fennel tea make milk for breastfeeding mothers? The use of fennel seeds for the purpose of increasing the amount and quality of breast milk dates back to centuries.
The basis of the milk enhancer effect lies in the fact that the fennel is a lice plant with natural estrogen -like properties.
However, some studies say that the fennel can increase the levels of prolactin, the main hormone responsible for stimulating milk production, and moreover, infant weight gain.

Fennel tea refreshes other benefits.
It has a libido -increasing effect.
It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.
It mitigates cough and sore throat.
The fennel that passes from breast milk to the baby can alleviate colic symptoms in the baby.
Does fennel tea weaken? It accelerates metabolism, suppresses hunger and helps to lose weight.
The digestive system activates. It relaxes the stomach and helps to cope with gas problems.
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For breastfeeding mothers, fennel tea damages are among the plants that are generally considered safe when they are not taken over and not taken at very high proportions, although they are also passed to the baby by breastfeeding.
It may be necessary to avoid receiving fennel in large amounts or concentrated forms to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.
It is considered safe to brew the fennel as tea or to use it in reasonable rates in meals.

For breastfeeding mothers, fennel tea may have a sleeping effect on the baby if breastfeeding her baby after drinking fennel tea.
Consuming too much fennel may cause breast milk reduction contrary to the effect. It is therefore important not to overdo it.
It should be remembered that the fennel has a blood sugar -lowering effect.
During pregnancy, fennel tea consumption is not recommended by experts. This article does not have a proposal. It is only to give information. For all your health problems, consult your doctor.
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