Kiwano is a very extraordinary tropical, exotic fruit with its appearance and flavor. This fruit is definitely worth seeing and experimenting with the outer shell covered with small thorns resembling the horn.
Kiwano is also known as melon, gelli melon, British tomato, African melon or Alanya melon due to its outer surface.
Latin name: Cucumis Metuliferus can also be produced on the Mediterranean coast of our country. What are the benefits of melon with horned melon? The health benefits of the fruit that attracts you with this appearance are not the kind to be underestimated.
It is a complete health support with high amounts of magnesium and potassium minerals contained in content. It is also rich in antioxidants.
Balances blood sugar and supports healthy red blood cell development.
Kiwano is also great for children in the developmental period, which is low and full of dietary fiber.
100 grams of this fruit is only 3.8 grams of natural sugar. This ratio is much lower than fruits such as watermelons, apples and oranges.
Calorie, such as sugar ratio, is a very low fruit: 152kj/100g

How to eaten the horned melon? The outer shell of the kiwano is thick and covered with small pointed ends.
Before ripening, the fruit is dark green. As it matures, this color changes, becomes orange.
Although this outer shell is edible after the prickly parts are cut, it is often not preferred.
The green part, including seeds, is preferred for food. The seeds are large and are difficult to separate from the fruit.
Fruit is cut into two in general and after it is consumed by separating it from the shell with the help of a spoon.
Salt or sugar can be added to give flavor.
It is possible to consume the fruit as well as cooking as well as consuming.

Kiwano Fruit How is the taste? It is not very prominent or sweet. The close relative has the taste resembling cucumber. More mature fruits are reminiscent of the banana rather than cucumbers.

How to grow kiwano? Kiwano Seed & Sapling Kiwano is not a kind of fruit where you can grow in any climate. The plant that loves plenty of rainfall is not durable to the cold below 0 degrees.
The horned melon body, which is a ivy -like structure, is usually supported by poles.
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