Imagination studies; It can help us shape and set our goals. Imagination leads to new ideas and allows us to visually see what awaits us when we reach the next great goal in life.
What is imagination? With the imagination technique, we want to attract to our lives, emotions, feelings… It is a technique that we work to bring to our lives.
Most of us use this technique in our daily lives without even making an extra effort: So we dream and hope!
But while most of us do not imagine positive situations while performing this imagination unconsciously. Unfortunately, we also contribute to the realization of these negative situations.
We pursue the negative situations we have imagined, we expect the time they will take place. We prevent and restrict ourselves in the opposite direction.
However, it is not difficult to stop this conscious imagination and to attract positive feelings and situations to our lives. Of course, our biggest assistant will be our mind and imagination!
When imagination, we create pictures in our minds in a simple and conscious way. We direct our consciousness to what we want. In the meantime, to get support from our 5 senses makes the images more realistic.
Improving imagination power is of course possible to make effective imagination with small touches and to improve our imagination.
So what to do?
How to improve imagination? How to make? First of all, it should be the first step to determine a goal and intention. Deciding what you want from life will definitely make it very easy for you to take the right step.
Being healthier, looking better, a more peaceful mood, a good job, spouse or home… Decide what you want!
At this point, avoid designing a target directly on a person. Put yourself and your own wishes in the center. The changes of others should not be your main goal.
The imagination power has now come to the target a little more clarifying. Detail your dream. Exhibit the times of your imagination as a theater play in your mind.
Everything should be very realistic and now. Even edit the tiny details. If you have difficulty in creating very detailed images with your mind, you can make a vision board at this point.
What is the vision board? Designing a vision panel is one of the imagination exercises.
In this exercise, which you support your dreams with real materials, you can bring together what you want to be in your life on a panel. You can cut something from magazines, newspapers, and enrich your board with posters, postcards.
Imagination reinforcement, let’s come to the 3rd step; Of course, it will not be enough to set our goal and design it in our minds only once.
For this, we must learn to include what we dreams into our lives. We must often call our images and focus on them. Without waiting for a special time during the day, we can call them back even at a time.
Frequent recalling exercise of these images will make you look more and more real day by day. It will also reinforce your power to design and imagine in your mind.

Let’s make a affirmation to the last step of effective imagination: affirmation
Confirm is an integral part of the imagination. Your requests; It helps you reinforce, make it more clear.
We send the message that our wishes to our minds and the universe have already realized with affirmations (approval).
Affirmations are voice or quiet; can be performed in written or orally. However, when confirming, you should only focus on the positive and try to find your own sentences.

Sample affirmation sentences
“I love my job, I feel materially and spiritually satisfied”
“Completed and my whole.”
“I have a beauty that is in place of health and is a light -breaking beauty.”
… affirmations can be used alone or to reinforce imagination. Affirming your imagination is an integral part of the work. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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