Probiotics are preferred by many people for supporting the digestive system, dealing with constipation, and many other different health benefits.
However, after many people begin to use probiotics, in some cases, they face gas complaints with disturbing smell.
Causes gas complaints due to probiotic use? In which situations occurs? Is this normal? How can you deal with it?
Let us examine the answers to all these questions more closely.
Does probiotic gas make it? The clear answer to this problem is sometimes that in some cases and some people may cause gas problems.
The two most common complaints due to probiotics are gas and bloating.
The use of probiotics is considered to be safe and easily tolerated for most people, but it is possible to encounter such complaints.

Why do probiotics make gas? So why and in what situations does this problem arise?
This usually occurs in the first 2 -week process after using probiotics.
Experts interpret this gas and bloating complaint as part of the adaptation process.
In other words, even if they are healthy bacteria, the participation of new bacteria may trigger complaints, even if they are healthy bacteria.
The process of accepting these new bacteria suddenly microbody can trigger these complaints.
The intense complaints can also be interpreted in the sense that the person has intestinal imbalance related to good and bad bacteria.

“Probiotic gas” so what can we do in this case?
Reducing the daily dose of the probiotic amount used is the first solution that comes to mind.
Some experts recommend that people with intense bowel mobility complain of probiotic intake in the form of 1 day, not every day.
Consuming prebiotic foods that will feed useful bacteria will be another precaution to get rid of complaints.
Prebiotics can be considered as non -digestive fibers that provide nutrients for useful bacteria.
If your complaints are spread to a process more than the first 2 weeks, stop using the probiotics you use and consult your doctor. Because this may be an indication of another more serious situation underlying.
In the first two weeks with probiotics, the gas problem is considered as an acceptable complaint.
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