Bone juice with a real miracle with numerous health benefits is food.
Especially as it should be, it is worth the bone water that you prepare for yourself without boiling at no boiling, as it should be precisely.
Bone water is a food that can consume both adults and infants and children.
What does bone juice with buttonhole do? Collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and amino acid tank This natural nutrients, from bone health to skin beauty, your body contributes numerous positive contributions.
It improves joint and bone health with glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Supports collagen production of the skin. And it allows it to get a more alive appearance. It can also be applied as a collagen mask for the skin. It can be included in skin care.
The substance called Glycine has antiinflammatory effect and is very rich in antioxidant.
Provides a long -term satiety. However, the amount of calories is very low.
It supports quality sleep when consumed just before bedtime.
Supports brain health.
When preparing for babies and children, it is enough to make a few minor changes in the recipe.
Bone juice is simply prepared by cooking marrow animal bones without boiling.
Various spices, vegetables and greenery can be added during cooking.
Bone juice can be drunk in a simple way or it can be used by adding to food.
Long -term use can be stored in the freezer. Prepared bone juice can be poured into ice molds and removed from the freezer if necessary.
Contrary to what is known, bone water is not only prepared with large head animal bones. It is possible to prepare bones with bones, connective tissues and bones of animals such as chicken, fish, lamb and turkey.

How to make bone juice with buttonhole? The most important trick of this recipe is to make long -term cooking at very low temperatures.
It is easy to apply the recipe, but you need to be a little patience.
2 kg buttonhole bone
4 liters of drinking water
2-3 tablespoons of natural vinegar
rock salt
Root turmeric
Various greens such as parsley, dill, celery stalk -according to my name
Various vegetables such as carrots, garlic, onions -according to my name

How to make collagen bone juice? Preparation of
Make all the ingredients into a large pot.
1 boil and then continue to cook at very low temperatures on the smallest stove.
It is recommended that the cooking time lasts at least 8-12 hours. Cooking for up to 24 hours can be sustained.
As the time increases, the nutrition and flavor of your water will increase.
After cooking, drain the ingredients in the water and transfer them to storage containers or ice cubes.
It is of great importance to use vinegar in the recipe. Vinegar allows the transfer of nutritional values ​​of the bone to the water.

Why not bone water not gel? The most common problem when preparing bone juice is that water does not gel. This problem is usually caused by using too much water or preparing water by boiling for a short time at high temperature.
It is necessary to give it some time for the geling of the water and use water suitable for the amount of bone.
4 liters of water will be an ideal ratio for the bone with 2 kg of bone.
Bone juice with buttonhole became green
Why is bone water green? Causes bone juice green foam?
Another common concern is that the bone water takes a green or green color as it is cooked. Sometimes green foaming is also seen. Contrary to the non -gelization problem, green bone juice is not a real problem. On the contrary, it indicates that you receive all the minerals you need to get from the bones. Generally, the main cause of this greenery is the copper contained in the bone. It is completely safe to consume green -colored bone juice. How to make bone juice buttoned bone for babies? You can also prepare the bone to improve the bone development and immunity of children and babies. Bone water is easy to digest and is also one of the high nutrient nutrients. With this feature, it manages to be one of the first nutrients of babies. It is usually used for infants by adding to food. Baby purees and meatballs are the main material. Preparation of
You can also use the recipe above for babies. However, you need to make a few small changes.
First of all, you should make sure that the bones you will use come from the animals you are sure of the source. If possible, you should prefer organic grown animal bones.
Another important point is the use of salt and spices. It is recommended that you do not add extra salt or pepper when applying the recipe for babies.
Adding vegetables and greens will be a good choice as it will increase the nutrition.
Bone water storage bag for babies
You can use the prepared water by sharing specially prepared bags or ice molds.
How is bone water stored in the jar? It is also possible to store some water in the jar. However, it should not be forgotten that the buttonhole water that is not thrown into the freezer may deteriorate in a short time.
The storage time in the jar is up to 3 days.

How do we know that bone water is broken? Does it break out outside? The smell of bone water would be the best clue. The sour or heavy smell of water indicates that it is not suitable for consumption.
Color change and finally tasting indicates that bone water is deteriorated.
The prepared bone water should be taken into the refrigerator after completely cooled. At room temperature, the water will deteriorate in a short time.
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