It is a way of life that says that we should reconcile with our intuitive nutrition with what we eat and our body, avoiding these issues an obsession and relying on our intuition and emotions about what we eat. Nutrition styles today have various diet styles. But intuitive method is separated from them in several ways. First of all, intuitive nutrition is a way of life, not a diet program! There are no prohibitions in intuitive nutrition. “You should never consume this”, “This makes you fat”, “Those foods can be cancerful”, such as fearful sentences and thoughts. Such thoughts; It has a perspective that argues that diets that aim to remove some nutrients, snacks completely and forcibly from our lives are not sustainable. Avoid eating a thin slice of cake, even though you want to eat next to coffee, avoid bread that smells like a slice of life for breakfast, avoid tasteing the pastry served … When the person finds himself in a cage. This cage comes very narrow and explodes over time. I think we all know the results of this explosion. To attack food, junk food as if it were crazy; Eating in an impulsive way and following intense regret. Until he discovers a new diet and begins to restrict himself. Isn’t that a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of what most people experience? So what should we do for intuitive nutrition? Intuitive nutrition aims to break the cycle mentioned above, to make peace with our bodies and all what we eat. It takes its foundation from Buddhist doctrine. What to do is simple: Listen to what your body’s wishes! If you want to be afraid to eat something. Listen to your intuition, wishes and physical tips during your eating experience. Focus on the smell, flavor and image of what you eat. You can think of eating as a ritual. Be calm, in a hurry. Stop classify what you eat as good or bad. Moving away from this classification will purify you from the feeling of guilt after eating. What your body says is very important! Ask him if he is hungry, stand in the middle of the meal a little and notice how hungry you are. Doing this will prevent you from eating even after you get full. Put a distance between you with the scale. Weighing on a daily basis does not give you anything, but it can take something away from you. For example, your body, yourself good thoughts and feelings! One of the most important things intended with intuitive nutrition is to give up emotional nutrition. When most people get bored, upset, depressed, they are wrapped in food when bored. So he tries to feed his feelings with food. However, this is impossible. When you have such a negative mood, it is necessary to learn to give up hugging food. Instead of food, exercise, meditation, or what makes you happy except for food, turn to him! Remember!
Foods are only to suppress our physical hunger, we must look for other ways to suppress our emotional hunger. To summarize intuitive nutrition; Ask your intuition and body to decide what to eat, how much and when to eat. Realize that other people are not as important as what the rules say about it. Do not let negative ideas and excessive restrictions from outside to seize you. Do not choose to be cruel to yourself. Always communicate with yourself. Eat while hungry and stop eating when you are saturated. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.