Nogay Stream is a special tea that softens the chest, cuts cough, one -on -one tea. In particular, this tea is used at the beginning of the flu, so that the disease is discontinued without progressing. It takes resentment in the body, relieves weakness, gives strength, supports immunity.
Nogay Stream; It is also known as Tatar tea, Tibetan tea, footshade, Caucasus tea. It is consumed as tea and drink dry bread into it and drink like soup. It is consumed as a soup, especially in breakfast.
Nogay Stream is prepared with a sick recipe for Nogai Turks. It is known in Adana Ceyhan and its surrounding districts and in their villages and is often prepared and its healing is used. Even in this region, he finds a place at the feast tables.
How to prepare Nogay Stream? Tibetan tea; It is prepared with black tea, milk, black pepper, salt, butter and tahini. Instead of pasteurized milk, milk is preferred to have boiled fresh milk. The slip of boiled milk is also used. If it is to be drunk like a soup, the bread is chopped into it. It can also be served with dough fries.
The taste of the milk is the flavor of the flavor, the milk is placed with plenty of additional butter.
In some villages, it is prepared without adding tahini.

Tibetan tea recipe 2 cups brewed black tea
2 cups of milk
2 teaspoons of butter (if your milk is fatty, 1 teaspoon will be enough.)
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of black pepper
1 tablespoon tahini Now buy

Preparation of Nogai Stream Prepared 2 cups of black tea in a pot. Be careful not to prepare tea too dark.
Add the milk on it, boil over medium heat by mixing.
When your milk tea mixture starts to buys, close the gold.
Add the butter, salt and pepper.
Add the latest tahini.
You can serve in coffee cups or soup bowls.
Hot served.

What are the benefits of Nogay Stream? Nogay tea cuts the cough.
It is expectorant.
It provides more comfortable breathing, gives refreshment.
It is preferred especially in winter to support immunity.
It is known that it has positive effects on the skin in regular use. It is effective in getting rid of skin dryness -related skin. It moisturizes the skin in a beautiful way.
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