Close to the end of winter and with the start of spring months, the poppy is seen in the countryside, on the side of the road. The most red ones attract our attention, but in the poppy nature, purple, pink, fuchsia, orange or even white color.
This delicate, delicate, wonderful plant does not only have a beautiful appearance. It also has a very positive effect on health. In addition, the green parts of the plant are quite tasty.
Which parts of the poppy plant are consumed? Almost every part of the poppy is used. In winter, while the plant has not yet blossomed, the leaves and stalk parts of the poppy are collected and various food is made.
Poppy grass roasting, poppy grass yogurt, poppy grass soup, salad in winter, in the Aegean houses are often made. Poppy; It is also used by blending with other herbs such as swear, hibiscus and nettle, delicious or delicious hair pastry and herbal observation.
In spring, the poppy is collected when blooming. Flower and poured seed parts are used.
Flower, poppy sherbet and poppy jam is made.

What are the benefits of poppy grass? After the flowers are dried, it is mixed with olive oil and used by the local people against cough, flu and flu for years.
Poppy flower also has a soothing effect. It is also prepared as tea to benefit from this feature. A glass of poppy tea before going to bed provides a comfortable sleep.
Poppy flower and seeds have soothing skin. Poppy is a strong antioxidant, used in cases such as itching, redness, sensitivity of the skin. In fact, many cosmetic products also find a place in the content.

Gelincik Stream Gelincik Stream has natural antidepressant properties. This tea is prepared with dried leaves of the plant.
How to Make Poppy Grass Tea? Dried and ground 2 teaspoons of poppy leaves are thrown into the boiled water. Wait for 5 minutes to infuse and can be consumed then. It is not recommended to consume more than 3 glasses per day.
This tea should be consumed especially close to bedtime. Relaxing, sleeping.
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Poppy grass roasting is quite easy to prepare this recipe. 1 vineyard poppy is sufficient in winter that you collect in nature or purchased from peasant markets. In some regions, this ota is also called grass.
Ingredients 1 vineyard poppy grass
1 medium onion
Olive oil
Yoghurt with garlic or garlic without garlic
Poppy and onion are chopped at medium size and roasted by mixing in olive oil over medium heat. It is not necessary to add additional water. The grass that roasted and changing color is taken to the serving plate and on request, garlic or plain yogurt is added. Especially strained pouch yogurt is very good for poppy roasting. ENJOY YOUR MEAL.
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