EMU oil or ostrich oil is an extraordinary oil that stands out with its unique moisturizing skin.
According to oral sources, the use of this oil extends to more than 40000 years old.
How this oil is obtained is the first question to tamper with the mind.
How to obtain EMU Oil? Emu is a type of Flying bird, which is the Latin name Dromaius Novaehallandiae, which we know as a camel bird.
This type is essentially specific to Australia. However, it is also found in various countries today. In the distribution and popularization of Emuna to other countries, the nutrition of camel -bird meat and the increase in the awareness of medical emu oil was very effective.
EMU oil is a bright yellow liquid consisting of a large amount of oil collected under the skin of this flying bird. And this liquid has some unique benefits.
Once the obtained oil is collected, it is subjected to various purification processes and filtered. There are various methods to filter and purify the oil. Depending on these methods, various subtypes of EMU oil are obtained.
Often the ostrich oil obtained passes through a full refined process to minimize possible hygiene risks.
Some oils are also refined more to create higher fatty acids.

What are the benefits of camel bird oil? What does it do? Oil is widely used to relieve muscle pain, to help heal wounds faster, and to feed and tighten the skin.
The skin of the oil is very quickly and effectively moisturizing and the natural effect of sunscreen is quite unique.
This oil, which has anti -inflammatory effects; Ear inflammation,
Inflammatory bowel syndrome,
It is known that it is used in an internal cases such as arthritis.
EMU Oil Hair Whitening In this popularization of oil, the positive effects of supporting hair and nail health have a lot of share.
Supporting fast hair elongation, strengthening easily broken nails are among the effects of oil.
EMU oil is also a very good supporter in combating hair whitening.
How to use? Shampoos containing emu oil for hair whitening may be preferred or hair masks can be prepared directly to the hair with pure emu oil.
Camel oil, which gives a very good result in preventing early graying and loss of follicle pigmentation in hair, does this thanks to its precious omega 3 fatty acids, complementary amino acids, and proteins.
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