Manuka oil is one of the newest favorites of those who prefer essential oils in skin care.
Latin name: leptospermum scoparium
Another valuable oil tea tree on the skin is New Zealand.
The effective substance in manuka essential oil is leptospermone.
Leptospermon is in liquid form and odorless in an extra oil from the manuka plant via vapor distillation. And it is deemed to have promising effects on the skin.
What does manuka oil do? Supports rapid loss of skin blemishes.
It accelerates wound healing. It is used to avoid any traces.
It is very effective in getting rid of unwanted body odors.
It has muscle relaxant effect. It is also used as massage oil.
Manuka oil is often preferred for cracks. It is applied slightly massage on the roofs and can give good results.
It is also ideal for hair care. It helps to minimize the dandruff in the scalp.
It is supportive in getting rid of fungal -based infections.
It has relaxing effects. It supports focus. The possible positive relationship between manuka oil OCD is still under investigation.

Those who use manuka oil are generally purchased for external application for those who prefer this oil. The most common use of oil is in skin care and as intensity oil.
Internal use of Manuka Essential Oil is not recommended. The reason for this is that sufficient data on the possible toxic effects of oil have not yet been investigated.

How is the smell of manuka? The smell of this oil can be defined as forests, woody, herbaceous, soil and balsamic.
It is a light, sweety aroma that is not dominant.

Is Manuka Oil Manuka honey the same? Manuka oil is one of the valuable moisturizer and anti -microbial components.
Naturally, manuka honey is obtained from the same New Zealand plant.
However, the two products are completely different. good-
Is Manuka Oil be driven under the eye? Manuka, which is obtained from a reliable source, can be applied under the eye.
This oil can help get rid of bags and swelling under the eyes.
It can also reduce the visibility of wrinkles under the eye and around the eyes and equal the skin tone.

Manuka oil or tea tree oil? These two similar effective natural oil can simply be used in place of each other.
However, there are minor differences in terms of effects.
For example, Manuka offers a better option for sensitive skin compared to tea tree. This is because this oil has a much less irritating effect on the skin.
Manuka is also 33 times more effective against bacteria, 33 times more effective than tea tree!
This makes him a better alternative for acne, acne skin!

Where does Manuka Flower grow? The plant where the oil is obtained has very nice white flowers. This plant does not grow in our country.
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