Crystal Menthol; Due to its relaxing effect, it is a clear, fragile, crystalline substance used in toothpastes, lozenges, soaps, shampoos, lip ballets and many other products.
It is also possible to use crystals directly in our homes, sauna and bath. Relaxing and refreshing.
Crystal mentol is known to be preferred to reduce headache, fever, nasal congestion, cough, muscle pain, cramps, nausea, itching and burning.
It is also thought that crystals support the immune system and accelerate the healing process.
[Button Link = “ Menthols are usually used by adding and dissolving to hot water.
Even the crystal is enough to relax in a very small amount – up to a pinch.
Crystals can be added to hot water, as well as exposure to hot steam or by placing it directly on the bath stone.
It is possible to use crystal mentols on the household or diffuser.
Menthol vapor uses mentol on the diffuser and the effect can be increased by adding lavender, eucalyptus, mint or thyme oil.
One of the most practical direction of using crystals is to place half a teaspoon of menthol on the edge of your bathtub. Steam crystals will melt and crystals will give you a refreshing experience.
Menthols can be prepared by melting and combining carrier oils and pure honey candle and homemade balm, relaxing cream, soap, shampoo can be prepared.
Menthol should be diluted appropriately without applying to the skin.

Mental painkiller cream quarter teaspoon crystal 2 tablespoons of carrier melt in oil. When completely melts, transfer to glass jars.
With this simple formula, you can apply the cream to aching muscles, light sprains, sunburn and insect bites.
What to consider for the use of menthol! Always use a very small amount when using Menthol crystals. 1-2 grams of menthol will see your job more than enough.
It can cause too many crystal skin irritation and headaches.
2-3 %dilution is recommended for all uses. That is, the amount of menthol in the carrier oil or water should not exceed 2-3 %.
Always use gloves for a large amount of crystal use and avoid the contact of crystals with the eye.
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What is crystal mentol used for? Menthol is frequently preferred for general relaxation. Opening clogged noses; Irritation, alleviating pain is also common in the use of menthol.
Crystal Menthol is eaten? It is not recommended that the direct removal of crystals through the mouth can lead to various side effects. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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