Suleyman grass; The seal of Solomon is a valuable plant known as the scented seal. It is perennial.
The remaining parts of the plant from the ground and the parts under the ground are edible. All these parts are consumed by both raw and dried.
It is common to brew the plant as tea, to use in the production of paste with honey molasses and to add to dishes such as spices.
Suleyman, who has a very pleasant appearance and smell, is grown as an ornamental plant. It grows well especially in the shadow areas and blooms plenty.
It is also used in drug production in the pharmaceutical industry.
Latin name: Polygonatum
Suleyman grass also also name: wrapping grass, knuckle grass
[Button Link = “ com Roots have a shrinkage and anti -inflammatory effect. Ulcer, eczema, hemorrhoids, edema is known to be used.
Suleyman grass is among the plants directly associated with sexuality. The root parts of the plant are considered as a natural strength.
The plant is used both internal and externally on the skin.
It is applied to the skin for rapid healing of wounds and burns.
The plant, which is applied to the hair, can be nourishing the hair follicles and the emergence of new hair can be supportive.
It is also known to have menstrual regulatory effects.

How to use Polygonatum? The leaves, flowers and branches of btibilia can be eaten. However, the most common root parts are preferred.
The roots in all state can be brewed by boiling. Or for a more practical use.
Grinded aromatic roots can be used as spices. It can be brewed like tea. Cream can be evaluated in the construction of ointment. It can be eaten like a paste by mixing with honey and molasses.

Where to buy Süleyman? Plant is a species that grows from time to time in our country. You can safely obtain the root parts through our website.
The root harvest of the plant, which grows spontaneously in wild nature, is very laborious. The most mature and blooming seal from the spring is harvested, free of charge from the soil and dried in the shade.
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