Under -eye bruises, rings and swelling are a common complaint that many people complain about. It can be a good option to get support from foods and supplements to combat these bruises, which are often a genetic basis.
Under -eye bruises can make the person look more quilt, weak, healthy. Or it can be an indication of being tired and weak.
While some people have no bruises and rings at all, they are there even on the days when some people feel the most energetic and healthy.
What is the reason for these rings?
Causes under -eye bruises? How does it occur? It is possible to address the causes in two basic headings as biological reasons and lifestyle -related causes.
Genetic causes can be listed as age, skin tone and genetic predisposition.
In some families, the rings under the eyes are very common, and this widespread situation in your family can also result in a predisposition.
In addition, having an eye circumference skin and a very white skin color examined with age can also bring under -eye bruises.
Reasons for lifestyle are more diverse. Insomnia, smoking, anemia, allergies, eczema, intense exposure to sun… Some of these reasons are.
Complaints may continue even if all lifestyle causes (environmental reasons) are eliminated.
Nevertheless, drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen, ending cigarette consumption, giving importance to regular sleep… There will be smart measures.

Which vitamin lack of under -eye bruises? The deficiency of some vitamins such as B12, E, K and D vitamins in the body can cause dark circles and bloating around the eyes.
Vitamin B12 is strongly associated with the production of red blood cells in the body. When B12 levels are low, it is more likely to have iron deficiency that causes dark circles.
Continuing a diet rich in all vitamins will help prevent the darkening of the eye.
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Are Gluten under -eye bruises associated? Anyone with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease shows various gastrointestinal symptoms, but the damage caused by gluten may be much more.
Recent research also proves that people with sensitivity can cause dark rings under the eyes.
Malabsorption in celiac patients, and the deficiencies of vitamins B12, E, K and D make it more visible.

Under -eye bruise nutritional relationship is also possible to talk about various natural foods that can help reduce the visibility of bruises.
The lycopene in tomato helps to protect blood vessels and helps the blood circulation.
Antioxidants in sesame seeds can improve fatigue symptoms that may cause your rings.
It contains intensive vitamin E for general eye health and skin health, including vision.
The high water content of the cucumber can help moisturize your under -eye area fighting against dark circles. However, more importantly, it also contains silica that can increase collagen production.

Mask Recipe for Bruises Milk and Carbonated Eye Mask
To prepare the mask, mix 4 tablespoons of fresh full -fat milk and 2 tablespoons baking powder.
Beat thoroughly to achieve a smooth mixture and a creamy consistency.
Place in the refrigerator and gently apply the mask to your eye.
Leave for 20-25 minutes and wash with cold water.
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