Snake Horoscope; Snake knife, snake pillow, gavur beet, pads, snake lily, dragon lily is a mysterious plant known by a wide range of names. It is one of the plants that can be poisonous, which should not be used uncontrollably.
Raw consumption, especially without being exposed to heat, is a plant that can cause very serious side effects and even death.
The plant has a significant and unique smell when it is raw. This odor prevents animals from consuming the plant. Rarely, the snake knife, which can be consumed by herbivorous animals, causes side effects in these animals.
The odor decreases when the roots are dried, but does not completely disappear. However, this unique smell of the plant also points to the originality of the product. The root parts of the plant can cause irritation and itching when contact with the root of the plant. When these roots are dry, they continue partially. However, the roots of the gavur beet are eliminated when they are exposed to heat. The tubers, which are harvested as dark colored and white as white, are usually used by drying and then grinding. The obtained dust should be in a white color. And the roots must have not completely lost their significant odors. now buy [/ Button] In order to use the plant internal, specialized hands must be subjected to various procedures. The plant should be fermented or exposed to heat. It is important that the internal use is under expert supervision. Laitince name: Dracunculus vulgaris nasil-nasil-kullanilililililir/ snake sign poisonous? Almost all of the parts of the btibism on the ground are poisonous when they are raw. In particular, unconscious use of these parts is not recommended. Ointment and so on. The external use in forms is considered safe. This ointment is preventive and is thought to be a very effective solution for psoriasis. It can also be mitigating complaints of colds when applied from outside. There are various information that it has been used in the past for stomach and intestinal complaints.

Snake knife psoriasis – Gavur beet root used for psoriasis, used as an external snake horoscope, beaten/beaten and cooked in a quality and qualified oil, then applied to the complainant areas. Root and oil cooked at low temperature and a mush -like consistency is obtained. For the application, the porridge must be expected to cool completely! A quality oil such as olive oil should be preferred for the process. For psoriasis, especially white -colored root parts of the plant should be used. These root parts are considered the most valuable parts of the plant. The harvest of the roots is very laborious and is performed only from certain times of the year. now buy [/ button] Where is the snake pillow? The plant grows spontaneously especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. In addition, it has been observed in the interior of our country. This plant, which can adapt to a wide range of climates, can also be grown from seed. However, the plant usually grows naturally. Shadow rock bottoms are the most widely grown places of the plant. In the summer months, flashy large flowers are opened in spring and autumn. Plant flowers are really beautiful and fascinating. Because of this feature, the plant is also known as an ornamental plant. [Button Link = “” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] nedir-bagismiklik-sistemi-mi/ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page. Check out our other blog posts! Wild thyme Inner picker walnut tahin Sesame Paste [/Button] [Button Link =” “Newwindow =” Yes “] Daily Depression [/Button] [Button Link =” Energy-Cleanism/”Newwindow =” Yes “] Energy Cleaning [/Button] [Button Link =” “Color =” Teal “Newwindow =” Yes “] button] Centaury Oil [/Button] [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sage