It is known by names such as Akgünlük Gum, Sweetla Gum, Sweets Resin, Akgünlük resin or shorter daily gum or daily resin. This product is a completely natural resin of the white daily trees. It is collected from the outer surface, not from the interior of the tree.
Incense Coal (/Button] gums will be smoked on themselves. can come out. It’s normal. The house should be ventilated after incense. It is necessary to ventilate not only the gum but all incense in the home. It allows the bad energy accumulated in this house to leave the house with smoke.

Sandaloz gum akgünlük? Sandaloz gum is a natural tree resin, just like white daily. It is collected from sandaloz trees. Sandaloz is a more dusty, bakery structure than white diary. The color is not white, but white. Although it has some similar uses with its daily resin, the sandaloz gum is a completely different product than the whiteness. Sandaloz gum is usually used as a natural product that helps to lose weight. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sandaloz gum
Akgünlük gum price is natural from our website, you can always obtain the gum gum from the last harvest and you can use it safely. Our products are not imported, the mixture is not the product.
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