Turmeric and black pepper are delicious spices used for both flavor and aroma and color.
However, when the benefits of health is an issue, the ingenuity of turmeric and black pepper duo is far beyond flavor.
The health benefits of turmeric are also supported by scientists.
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https://egepazarindan.com/zerdecal-sivilce-icin-nasil- kullanililililir Why are experts so insistent about using with black pepper?
Kurkumin is the main component in turmeric and is the cause of numerous benefits on health.
However, kurkumin cannot be absorbed by the body when the right elements are not provided. This means that all the benefits of Zoroacal remains in the turmeric and cannot be moved to our body.
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When combined with black pepper and turmeric, the absorption of furcuminly increases up to 2000 %. This is the main component named Piperin contained in the black pepper!
There are 2 different theories to explain how the pipe has succeeded in increasing the absorption of furcumin:
According to the first theory, it has an effect that increases blood levels by slowing down the fragmentation of the pipe by the liver.
Secondly, it has a facilitating effect on the passage of the piper to pass through the intestinal wall to the bloodstream.
As a result, as a result of a combination of these theories, the effects of turmeric on health increases and high absorption of turmeric in the body is achieved.
So what benefits arise when black pepper and turmeric combine?
What are the benefits of turmeric black pepper? Powder black pepper increasing the activity of the digestive enzymes in the stomach It helps to digest quickly and easily.
The mixture has a natural painkiller effect. The anti -inflammatory feature of both spices helps to insensate pain receptors in the body. This reduces the feeling of pain. It is also effective when used to alleviate muscle and skeletal injuries.
Studies also show that black pepper and turmeric may have protective effects against cancer types such as prostate and pancreas. Studies on whether the mixture can be effective in slowing the rate of the disease.

What should be the ratio of turmeric black pepper? Ideally, this ratio is considered to be at least 20 in 20. For example, for 1 teaspoon of turmeric, it is enough to use black pepper of only 1 of the teaspoon of a teaspoon.
There is no harm in increasing the amount of black pepper.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/tane-karabiber-50-gr/” color = “black” newwindow = “Yes”] How to consume turmeric black pepper [/button] turmeric black pepper? For the highest efficiency, it is recommended that the black pepper – turmeric duo be consumed with plenty of oily dishes or directly with oil. Another important point is the exposure to heat for the increase in absorption of the mixture. So the mixture should be consumed in hot dishes.
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